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  • Week of May 22-25, 2017

    Good Morning!  It's a week to be a West Minico Warrior! Time to celebrate our successes and to have fun together before we part for the summer!

    No student should be using a locker at all today.  Everything should be cleaned out.  If you brought a bag take it to your advisory class.  We do not want books bags in the school this week.

    All summer school registration forms are due and must be brought to Mrs. Sayer.  Summer school starts June 5th and will be held here at West Minico.  Remember students if you do not take this opportunity to go to summer school and receive these credits you will not pass to the next grade level next year.

    We will be selling concessions through the end of school, so bring your money. 

    The middle school and high school cross country teams will be meeting at 8:30 on Monday mornings through the summer at Minico to run and train together.  If you have any questions see Mr. Bruns.

    You need to turn in your track gear or a $20 fine will be assessed.

    Check the lost and found items in the commons area.  Everything left will be donated this week.

    On Wednesday students will be going on grade level field trips. Students will need to remember to bring sack lunch or if you ordered a sack lunch please remember to pick it up.

    8th graders after eating breakfast go to the commons area and find your advisory classroom we will separate into groiups from there for the bus.

    On Thursday, we will have our year-end assembly and video starting at 9:00, then music will be played on the backfield and we will have a barbecue.  School is out at 1:00.

    Mrs. Price arranged for all of our students at West Minico to receive "I Love Reading" bags courtesy of DeMary Library in Rupert. They are in the library, teachers please pick up your advisory class set of bags.  They are very nice book bags, so please thank the library.  This summer the DeMary Library is holding a summer reading program "To Build A Better World" each Thursday from June 8th through July 13th at Neptune Park at 11:00 AM  and Lincoln Park at 12:15 in Rupert.  You can turn in summer reading logs and earn prizes at the library anytime during the six week program.  Also, DeMary Library will be visiting Paul Housing this summer on Tuesdays June 6th through July 18th at 11:00 AM. They will be taking books for all ages to read and return each week and provide prizes for reading logs turned in.

    As of May 1st students need to make sure you have enough money in your account to be able to eat, there will be no more charging the rest of the year.  No one will be allowed to have a negative balance.  If you know that you have charged and owe lunch money, please take care of it!!!  Any money that is remaining will stay in your lunch account for next year. 

     Be the reason someone smiles today!  Choose to be kind and considerate towards others!


    The 2017-2018 West Minico Student Council Officers for Student Body are- Mac Haugeberg, President; Co-Vice Presidents Luke Huff and Bryan Patterson; Secretary Treasurer Lydia Casey; and Fundraiser Chairman, Cree Milliron.  For 8th Grade Officers your President is Talin Stimpson; Vice President-McKenzie Allen and Secretary Treasurer, Rhayman Frieburger.  For your 7th Grade Officers President, Haylee Stroud; Vice President, Joanna Paz, Secretary Treasurer, Zachary Miller; Ambassadors Bethanne Howard and Angelica Carhaus and Fundraiser Chairman, Jackie Arteaga.

    We would like to recognize our "Students of the Week" as being role models for other students by being respectful, responsible, being concerned about academics, and compassionate towards others.  Also recognition includes those who have made significant growth and who have shown perseverance in trying to become more successful.  We truly believe "The Best Kids in the World Walk Through These Doors!"


    We would like to remind our parents that we offer after school tutoring for all students neededing to improve their grades every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:15 until 5:00 PM.  Parents may request this extra help for their child. Computer use is available during this time.  

    All activities and school announcements are on the West Minico School website at all times and are updated daily, so check it out if you ever have any questions about school activities.  School closure information will also be updated as soon as received on our school website.
     Our school custodians work very hard to make our school look nice.  We would appreciate everyone picking up after themselves in the commons area and hallways.  Please take pride and do your part to make sure our school is the best. 
      We want all of our students to get caught reading and encourage students to have their reading book in every class so that if they finish their work they will be able to read.  
    We would like to remind everyone that Minidoka County School District has an attendance policy.  It is very important to be in class each day to be successful. 
    Our student council has a special request to all students returning to West Minico this year; If you see someone who is struggling to make friends or being bullied because he or she doesn't have many friends or is shy or not dressed in the coolest of clothes--Please step up!  Say hi or at least smile at them or talk to them in the hallways and commons area. You never know what that person might be facing outside of school.  Your kindness might just make a big difference in someone's like.  Maybe even your own.  


    There are two Saturday School sessions each month starting promptly at 7:00 until 11:00 AM here at West Minico. Students must have a parental permission form signed to attend.  Forms were sent home with all students through advisory and additional forms are in the office.  If you have failing grades and need to turn in late work this is an opportunity to help your grade.  Students must bring sufficient materials to work on during the four hour period.  You must have everything with you as the lockers and teachers will not be available to gather materials.  You must be responsible and doors will close at 7:10 AM.  Take advantage of this opportunity if you have failing grades or want to improve your grade.  This is not  punishment, but a chance to help improve your grade. Computers are also available for student use during this time. 
    We encourage our parents to use Powerschool regularly to check on their child's grades and assignments. If you need help please contact Mrs. Sayer our counselor.
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