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Important Dates for Seniors

4/10-Completed Portfolios
5/5-5/9-Project Presentations
Ticket Purchasing Information:
Tickets will be sold on Fridays
during lunch!!
April 18-May 9: $20
After May 9: $25

Tickets may not be
purchased until all fines
and fees are paid!!!
Attendance Poster


Contact Info

292 West 100 South
Rupert, Idaho  83350
Phone:  (208) 436-4721
Fax: (208) 436-3266 

Bell Schedule

First Bell:  8:05 am

Period 1:  8:10-9:16 am
Period 2:  9:21-10:27 am
Period 3:  10:32-11:38 am
L1/Adv:  11:43am-12:13 pm
L2/Adv:  12:18-12:48 pm
Period 5:  12:53-1:59 pm
Period 6 2:04-3:10 pm



Dear Seniors and Parents,

            As our 2014 graduation approaches we would like to remind and notify you of a few upcoming expenses and events.

·         2014 Minico Graduation will be Thursday, May 29th at 5:30 PM.

·         Graduation Dress Code is as follows:

1.      Girls will wear dresses and dress shoes. (No tennis shoes or flip flops)

2.      Boys will wear dress shirts and ties with dress pants and shoes. (No sandals, tennis shoes, flip flops or Levi’s)

3.      No sunglasses and no additional decorations to cap or gown.

·         Caps and gowns will be delivered on May 13, 2014. Seniors who have not sent in their cap and gown order must do so if they want to participate in the graduation ceremony.

·         Ryan Thomas Photography will be in Room 328 at 3:30 PM on graduation day to take individual and group pictures of seniors in their cap and gown. Picture packets will be available for orders.

·         The Senior Scholarship Awards night will be Monday, May 19th at 6 PM in the Minico High School Auditorium. Local area businesses and clubs announce and present scholarships.

·         The senior trip to Lagoon is scheduled for Tuesday, May 27th. We will meet at 6:45 AM in front of the school to load busses and will return at 7:00 PM. Expenses for this trip are $70 for the ticket and the charter bus ride. Tickets are on sale now at the main office.  NO PRIVATE CARS.

·         GRADUATION PRACTICES are on Wednesday and Thursday, May 28st and 29rd at 10 AM. Both days are mandatory. The top ten for the class will be announced at the practice. A senior picnic will be held after Tuesday’s practice. Each graduate will receive guest tickets at practice. EVERY guest must have a ticket to watch graduation. The auditorium will be open for overflow and is open seating.

·         The Minico Senior Celebration is planned for the night of graduation. It will be held at the Multi-Purpose Gym at Minico. The cost is $20.00. Tickets will be sold during lunch April 18th through May 9th. The celebration will open at 9:30 PM and end at 4:00 AM. Once a senior has entered, he should plan on staying the evening. If you leave the celebration, you will not be allowed back in. Non-graduates are not allowed to attend the celebration. This is a great night for graduates to spend with their class. NO tickets will be sold at the door. Beginning May 10th the cost is $25.00. ALL FINES MUST BE PAID BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A TICKET.

·         Things your student must take care of before graduation:

1.      ALL fines must be paid by May 16th.

2.      ALL make-up hours must be made up by May 22nd.

3.      Any on-line classes must be finished and grades entered by May 27th.

4.      You must have met the minimum graduation requirements and have earned 50 credits.

5.      You must have passed your ISAT tests or fulfilled the requirements by passing your ISAT classes and pass your Senior Project.

·         When you receive your diploma, please remember that there is no copy on file of this legal document, so remember to keep it in a safe place.




Suzette Miller       Cheryl Killoy                  Guadalupe Saldana

Principal               Senior Class Advisor      Senior Class President

(E) = Elementary Schools
(M) = Middle Schools
(MHS) = Minico High School
(MT. H) = Mt. Harrison High School
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(Revised March 18, 2013)
(Revised April 21, 2014)