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West Minico Middle School
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Welcome to West Minico Middle School
Home of the Warriors! 


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  • 10-30-14

    During the month of October our character trait is respect.  Show respect for your body.  Exercise and eat healthy.  A strong body equals and strong mind.  You should take care of yourself by eating healthy food, exercising, and getting enough rest.  
     West Minico is celebrating Red Ribbon Week.  We encourage our advisory teachers to prepare lessons to help our students understand the choices we make about bullying and drugs.   Our West Minico theme is "Superpowers Stand United Against Bullying and Drugs". 
    Today the theme is ""My Superpower Future is Bright- No Drugs or Bullies in Sight".  You can participate by wearing something bright or neon with sunglasses and we sold doughnuts in the commons.  Thanks for your support during these activities..
    Tomorrow the theme is "Don't be Tricked...Drugs are No Treat! Say Boo to Drugs!"  Student will wear costumes and will be judged before school in the common starting at 8:00.  Remember costumes are to be dress-code appropriate, and no full face masks, you may paint your face.
    The Halloween Dance "Who You Going To Call....Ghost Busters" will begin at 1:00.  All students will need to show their activity card or pay $2 to attend.  A movie will be showing in Mrs. Tarbet's room for those not attending the dance.  The dance team will perform, and the band will perform and then we will have our dance.  Concession stand will be open and we will be selling nachos in the commons during the dance so don't forget to bring your money. 
    Today during advisory we will have our pizza and pop social.  You must show your coupon to get out of class. Advisory teachers do not let anyone out that does not have a coupon.  We will announce when we are ready to begin and we will start with 6th graders so they can go to the concessions.
    Student Council did a great job promoting Hallow-Grams selling an all time high of 946 Hallow-Grams and those will will be sent with a treat to pass out during advisory tomorrow before the dance.
    The concession stand will be open for 6th graders at 3:00 today and will be open after school for everyone.   
    All activities and school announcements are on the West Minico School website at all times and are updated daily, so check it out if you ever have any questions. 
     Study Skill Tip for the week- Choose and stick to a certain time to do your homework every day.
     The quote for the week is: "If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him.  An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." by Benjamin Franklin.


    Red Ribbon Week/ Halloween Dance / Concession Week  Oct 23-31 Activities

    Students may turn in drug and bully free posters following the daily themes by Monday, Oct 27th for cash and candy prizes to Mrs. Dietz in room 17.  

    Students can create their own hanging or wall superpower ghost, decorate it with their name on the back and bring Monday, Oct 27th.  Will be judged 8:00 AM in the foyer and will be used for foyer and dance decorations.  Most creative ghosts wins a cash prize.  Say BOO to drugs! 

    Students may also bring a decorated or carved pumpkin for a contest to be judged Monday, Oct 27th at 8:00 AM in the foyer for cash and candy prizes. 

    Hallow-Gram messages being sold by student council members for .50- Monday, Oct 20th through Wednesday, Oct 29th for delivery with a treat before the dance October 31st.  Fun way to send a note to a friend or anonymously.


    Thursday, Oct 23                              Purchase tickets for pizza and pop $2 before school delivered Tuesday during advisory.

    JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST DRUGS AND BULLYING-   Activity: Tug of War Contests outside during lunches (weather permitting)    All students and staff who like to participate are to wear camo gear. 

    ·         Set goals     

    ·         Do your best

    ·         Think Positively

    ·         Don’t Give Up

    ·         Believe in Yourself

    ·         Stay away from Drugs

    Friday, Oct 24                                     Purchase tickets for pizza and pop $2 before school delivered Tuesday during advisory.

    MAKE IT A GOAL……(Football Goal Post)  FOR OUR SCHOOL TO BE DRUG AND BULLY FREE- Activity: Punt, Pass     and Kick activities outside for boys and girls during lunches (weather permitting)  All students and staff who like to participate are to wear their favorite high school (Go Spartans), College or Pro Football Team jersey.

    Monday, Oct 27                            Purchase tickets for pizza and pop $2 before school delivered Tuesday during advisory.

    YOUR CHOICES ARE THE KEY TO YOUR DREAMS-  Activity: Bring a blanket or pillow with your favorite book for a giant read-in during lunch in the gym.  All students and staff who like to participate are to wear their favorite pajamas (dress-code applicable).  You might want to allow students to read articles on drugs or bullying during advisory as well.

    Tuesday, Oct 28     Pizza and pop ticket purchasers in commons during advisory/ 8th grade concessions during advisory

    WARRIORS ARE SUPERHEROS AND DON’T LET FRIENDS BULLY OR DO DRUGS…  All students and staff who like to participate are to wear their Warrior Pride Shirts or anything blue and gold.

     Wednesday, Oct 29            All .50 Hallow-gram messages delivered with a treat on Friday are due- purchase from Stu-Co

                                                    7th grade concessions during advisory

    BE A SUPERHERO TO HAVE THE POWER TO SAY NO TO BULLIES AND DRUGS     All students and staff who like to participate dress as your favorite hero-Wear a name tag or a sign telling who you are.  Activity: Balloon Pop tag in gym.

    Thursday, Oct 30                 6th grade concessions during advisory                 Doughnuts and hot chocolate sold before school $1

    MY SUPERPOWER FUTURE IS BRIGHT- NO DRUGS OR BULLIES IN SIGHT!   Wear something bright or neon with sunglasses.

    Friday, Oct 31                     Student Council decorating for dance at 7:00 AM due to basketball game Thursday afternoon, teachers please allow only student council students to come to gym only if not missing anything in your class to finish during the day.  Students have been told to check in during each class.

    Shortened Bell back to advisory at 1:00-  Collect $2 or see student activity card to attend dance, those not having either report to room 10. Then hand out Hallow-Grams with their treat.  

    Dance team will perform, best costume prizes will be given, band will play and dance will begin.  Ghost Buster movie video will be shown in room 10 for those not wanting to dance.  Concession stand open and nachos will be sold in commons for $1. So don't forget to bring your money for a treat.

    DON’T BE TRICKED…DRUGS ARE NO TREAT!  SAY BOO TO DRUGS!   Students wear costumes. Dress code appropriate and no full face masks.

    Dance Theme: “Who You Going To Call…..Ghost Busters”  with DJ MacRae    

    Student Council will stay after the dance to clean up gym.

     The eighth grade team of teachers have chosen the following students as their students of the week for academic excellence, ethical behavior and being role models in our school:  Easton Garrett, Jackson Serr, John Inouye, Klay Kunzler, Joey Gibson, Kaden Ball, Michael Shaff, Kayla Corless, Shilee Green, Rylee Carter, Azelea Fuentes, Kabree Justesen, Danielle LeFevre and Irma Santana.  

    We want all of our Warriors to have integrity.  Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody else is watching.  Being able to follow your conscience instead of the crowd.  Being able to think for yourself and make smart choice that are good for you.  
    Thanks to our Language Arts Department for providing the Kick off to Reading Assembly.  We want all of our students to get caught reading and encourage students to have their reading book in every class so that if they finish their work they will be able to read.  All students are expected to turn in their reading logs.
     There will be a Saturday School Saturday, October 25th  from 7:00-11:00 AM.  Students need to sign up with Mrs. Claridge in room 204 to be admitted.  If you need extra help our school provides this Saturday School session.  Also, students need to be sure to have turned in their Saturday School permission form to their advisory teacher to allow them to attend for all classes. Advisory teachers please check to make sure all of your students have returned this important form that requires a parent signature. The next Saturday School will be held November 15th.
     We are offering after school tutoring on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 3:25 until 5:00 for students who need to recover credits or  make up credit time due to excessive absences. Student need to bring back the form signed by a parent.
    The seventh grade team of teachers have chosen their students of the week for the first 6 weeks of school and would like to congratulate Karleen Kunzler, Gabby Paz, Waylon Blacker, Garrett Berry, Bailey Blacker, and Trevor Schultz.  Keep up the good work this year.  
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