Child Find

  • Child Find activities are conducted in the Minidoka District to alert community residents of the need for identifying and service students with disabilities from the age of 3 through the semester in which they turn 21.

    Ongoing Child Find activities are conducted to locate, identify, and evaluate students suspected of having a disability who may need special education.

    While the Department of Health and Welfare is the lead agency for services ages birth through 2 years, the District coordinates with them to ensure a smooth transition of services to special education by the child's 3rd birthday.

    The Child Find system includes all students within the district's geographic boundaries including students who are:

    1. Enrolled in public school
    2. Enrolled in charter and alternative schools
    3. Enrolled in home school
    4. Enrolled in private elementary and secondary schools
    5. Not enrolled elementary or secondary school, including children ages 3 through 5
    6. Advancing from grade to grade
    7. Highly mobile students
    8. Wards of the state

Preschool Screening

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