• About Us

    The Total Learning Center is a specialized school in the Minidoka County School District established to provide qualified students with enhanced academic, behavioral, and social supports.  Students are referred to and accepted into this program when their behaviors (failing grades are a behavior) are seriously impacting the learning process in their present classroom.  More intensive support and interventions are offered than the home school can provide.  Our goal is to provide a safe, structured, consistent classroom environment until the student gains the necessary skills needed to return to full-time placement in his/her home school classroom.

    Mission Statement

    The Minidoka County School District is dedicated to developing the whole child in an atmosphere of excellence, characterized by mutual respect, shared responsibility for learning, and academic rigor that facilitates success in all aspects of life.

    Our Purpose

    Each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and safe environment in which to grow academically, behaviorally, and socially as they learn skills to enable them to be successful in life.  Our goal and focus at the Total Learning Center is to aide students in achieving their fullest potential in those areas by:

    • Setting daily goals in advisory class.
    • Learning the nine behaviors that will encourage success in school and life.
      1. Authority problem
      2. Aggravates others
      3. Easily angered
      4. Easily misled
      5. Misleading others
      6. Inconsiderate of myself (failing grades)
      7. Inconsiderate of others
      8. Fronting
      9. Lying
    • Ensuring academic success with extra support from staff as well as student commitment.
    • Self reflection
    • Personal accountability