• Minico Booster Club Bylaws

    Approved October 2, 2006


    Section 1. Name . The organization shall be known as the Minico Booster Club.  

    Section 2. Mission Statement. The Minico High School Mission Statement is; Learn from yesterday, succeed today, excel tomorrow.

    Section 3. Colors. The official school colors for Minico High School are:‘scarlet red’ and ‘vegas gold’.

    Section 4. Song. 
    Come on and fight, Spartans fight. 
    Come on and let's win this game.
    Let's go on to victory,
    Let's fight 'em fair and play 'em square.
    So fight, Spartan's, fight! 
    Come on and let's win this game.
    Just one more score, and then the
    game is ours. Let's win this game!

    M - I - N - I - C - O


    Section 1. To promote, foster and encourage the athletic programs and other school sponsored activities at Minico High School.

    Section 2. To assist the school administrators, faculty, staff and in particular the coaches, in the accomplishment of their program objectives.

    Section 3. To communicate school spirit and Minico High School ideals and programs to all students, parents and the community.

    Section 4. To convey a positive Minico High School image throughout the community.


    Section 1. The Minico Booster Club shall be open to anyone who is interested in supporting the activities of the organization, regardless of economic levels, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, or disability.


    Section 1. Business meetings shall be scheduled monthly by the Executive Board and will be held the first Monday of each month while school is in session. Exceptions include when the first Monday falls on a holiday whereas the meeting will be held the following Monday.

    Section 2. Meetings shall be held at Minico High School or at a place set by the Executive Board.

    Section 3. The Executive Board may call special meetings. At least 48 hours notice prior to the time of the special meeting shall be given (personal contact, written, or by telephone). The business transacted at any special meeting shall be limited to that included in the call.

    Section 4. Quorum shall consist of those members attending with at least four elected officers present.

    Section 5. Members in attendance will do all voting. Absent members can also vote by written proxy. Signed and dated proxy must be turned in to the Secretary prior to the start of the meeting with the name of the person doing the voting for the absent member. President is a non-voting member except for in the case of ties.


    Section 1. Annual dues required for membership in the Minico Booster Club shall be determined by a majority vote of those present at the April meeting prior to the membership year, a quorum is required for membership levels or dues to be changed.

    Section 2. Membership levels include:

    • Family
    • Red Level
    • Gold Level


    Section 1. The members of the Executive Board for the Minico Booster Club are President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Other elected officer positions include Publicity, Membership and Clothing chairs. All positions shall be elected and take office at the April meeting each year.

    Section 2. Term of office for the elected positions shall be for one-year and serve until their successors are designated.

    Section 3. No member shall hold more than one elected office at any one time. No officer shall be eligible to serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office.

    Section 4. All elected officers must be current members of the Minico Booster Club.


    Section 1. The elected officers shall have:

    • Knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
    • Willingness to attend meetings and school activities during their term.
    • Desire to promote Minico High School throughout the community.
    • Familiarity with the Bylaws of the Club.

    Section 2. President. The President’s term of office shall be one year. The President’s duties include:

    • Preside at all meetings of the Club.
    • Prepare and distribute the agenda with the help of the Secretary.
    • Keep order by establishing and maintaining order of business.
    • Be familiar with agenda and business at hand.
    • Be fair and impartial.
    • Protect the rights of all members.
    • Appoint committee members as needed to organize or arrange for fireworks, dinners and other activities.
    • Collect and announce all requests for funding at the scheduled meetings for decisions by the group.
    • Create a yearly calendar to be given out at the beginning of each school year to Club officers.
    • Determine if quorum is present prior to the start of meeting.
    • Vote in the case of a tie vote.
    • Keep in contact with the Minico High School Administration, Athletic Director and other officers.

    Section 3. President-Elect. The President-elect’s term of office shall be one year. The President-elect will advance to the office of President the following year. The President-elect’s duties include:

    • The President-elect shall conduct business as delegated by the President.
    • Will preside at meetings in the absence of the President.
    • Become familiar with the duties of the President.
    • Keep in contact with committee chairpersons and keep the President informed of committee business.
    • Keep in contact with other officers.

    Section 4. Secretary. The Secretary’s term of office shall be one year. The Secretary’s duties include:

    • Keep records for the Club.
    • Make a report of the minutes of meetings and distribute to the membership.
    • It is preferred that the Secretary maintains a distribution list of member’s e-mail addresses and distribute the minutes electronically to the membership.
    • Handle any necessary correspondence.
    • Keep a record of committee reports, committee assignments, appointments and current By-laws.
    • Bring all records for the Club to the meetings. Items necessary include: minutes book, membership list, a list of committees and their membership, the agenda, records, ballots, and any other supplies necessary.
    • In the absence of the President and the President-elect, the Secretary will preside over the meeting. In this event, see the duties of the President.  
    • Keep in contact with other officers.

    Section 5. Treasurer. The Treasurer’s term of office shall be one year. The Treasurer’s duties include:

    • Keep an accounting of all monies of the Association and provide a written report at each meeting.
    • Receiving and depositing dues in a timely manner.
    • Pay the bills that the Club has voted to pay.
    • Establish and present a budget to the Club members for approval at the August meeting.
    • Record which members have paid their dues, when bills are paid and the check number and any other items necessary in order for a committee to audit the books.
    • Ensure that no money is reimbursed or spent without the appropriate approval by the Club.
    • Make sure that accounts are managed and the books are audited annually in accordance with the Minidoka County Joint School District Board of Trustees Policies.
    • Be responsible for submitting quarterly sales tax payments on any “taxable” income.
    • In the absence of the President, President-elect and the Secretary, the Treasurer will preside over the meeting. In this event, see the duties of the President.
    • Dispense all Club property, equipment and monies to Minico High School if the Minico Booster Club ceases to function.
    • Keep in contact with other officers.

    Section 6. Membership The Membership chair term of office shall be one year. The Membership chair duties include:

    • Keep a record of membership levels, names and contact information.
    • Furnish new members with necessary information to become familiar with the Club.
    • Give members receipts for their dues.
    • Invoice past members for current dues.
    • Receive and disperse dues to the Treasurer in a timely manner.
    • Report membership to the Minico athletic program committee.
    • Keep in contact with other officers.

    Section 7. Clothing. The Clothing chair term of office shall be one year. The Clothing chair duties include:

    • Choose and order the types of clothing and items to be sold by the Club and keep track of the clothing and item inventory.
    • Organize volunteers to sell clothing items at the home football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and baseball games.
    • Receive and disperse funds received to the Treasurer in timely manner.
    • Keep in contact with other officers.

    Section 8. Publicity. The Publicity chair term of office shall be one year. The Publicity chair duties include:

    • Contact the local media, (newspapers, radio and television), with the information of the date, time and location of monthly Club meetings, also send this information to the Club officers and the Minico Athletic Director.
    • Contacted local media with information pertaining to events hosted by the Club such as the Homecoming Dinner, Souper Bowl and Red & Gold nights.
    • Submit appropriate photographs and articles by e-mail to local newspapers.
    • Submit the names of newly elected officers to local media each year.
    • Keep in contact with other officers.


    Section 1. The Executive Board will make up the nominating committee which will have at least one nominee for each office before the March meeting.

    Section 2. Nominations for elected positions will take place at the March meeting and elections will be held at the April meeting. Additional names may be nominated from the floor and added to the existing slate before the voting.


    Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.

    Section 2. The Executive Board shall determine when permanent vacancies occur in elected positions. If the office of the President is permanently vacated, the President-Elect shall become President. If an elected office other than the presidency is permanently vacated, the President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint another member to serve for the remainder of the term.

    Section 3. The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the association between its business meetings, fix the hour and date of meetings, and perform other duties as are specified in these bylaws. The Executive Board shall oversee elections.


    Section 1. Committees and/or committee chairs may be appointed as needed by the President. Absolutely no committee will act under the name or function of the Minico Boosters Club without the appointment as listed above.

    Section 2. Upon completion of committee business a report will be submitted to the Secretary including any changes to school facilities or funds earned.


    Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered by the Bylaws of the Club.


    Section 1. The Minidoka County Joint School District Board of Trustees recognizes the valuable services rendered by the community parent groups and booster clubs affiliated with our schools. Further, the Board welcomes said participation and commends the organizations for their contributions and services to our youth and our schools.

    Section 2. Parent organizations, booster clubs and individuals within their membership will maintain a close liaison with the Board, administration and staff and adhere to standard accounting practices.

    Section 3. Any plan, project or movements instituted to expand, modernize, renovate, or otherwise render maintenance to school controlled and/or owned properties shall be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. Academic 
    achievement awards and other educational recognition to students or student bodies shall be approved by the Principal and/or the Superintendent. This must be done before any public issuance and announcement is made.

    Section 4. Each group or club shall provide the Superintendent with their or set of Bylaws. The By-laws will require dual signatures for checks, prompt bank deposit of all cash, no payments of bills in cash, receipt of all revenues, annual informal audit by an audit committee selected by officers, and will require that all expenditures be approved by the group’s board (or executive board) prior to signing checks. The annual informal audit will be conducted by August 1st each year for the preceding year. This informal audit will be according to the guidelines provided in Exhibit A of the Board’s policy. The audit will be filed with the District Treasurer by August 15th. All fund raising activities and activities involving district students will be in accordance with board policies or receive prior approval. All group or club checks will utilize dual signatures, with the principal’s (or secretary’s or bookkeeper’s) signature being one of the required signatures.

    Section 5. Any equipment donated to the district by booster clubs will become the property of the district. If a booster club ceases to function, all booster club property, equipment, and monies will be dispersed according to the bylaws of 
    the individual organizations and clubs.


    Section 1. The By-laws may be amended, repealed, in whole or in part, at any regular Club meeting by a two-third vote of the quorum of voting members present.

    Section 2. Notice of proposed changes to the By-laws must be provided in writing to the membership at a regular meeting one month prior to voting on said changes.


    DATE ADOPTED , 2006



    Signature of the Minico Boosters Club President___________________________________



    Signature of the Minico Boosters Club Secretary___________________________________



    Signature of the Minico High School Principal______________________________________