• Heyburn Elementary Bond Changes

    Heyburn is growing! There are new homes being built throughout the community. The new development going in off of 21st Street and the new homes being built behind Heyburn Elementary are just a couple of examples. With these new homes come new students and we need to be prepared for that growth. 

    With funds generated with the passing of the Bond we would be able to make the following changes at Heyburn Elementary School:

    • Add six classrooms, restrooms, and a gym to the west end of the building. The current main east/west hall of the building would extend through a breezeway attached to the new portion of the building.
    • Provide additional front entrance security. In order to provide for a more secure entrance and more effective lockdown options, the second set of front doors would be locked throughout the day. The single door that is currently left open during the day will remain open, however, before entering the building visitors would need to be buzzed in by the secretary. This feature would most likely only be enforced once school got underway in the morning.
    • Add parent parking and drop-off. The front grass area would be extended to the west to provide access to the new portion of the building. The grass in this area would be replaced with asphalt parking at the front of the building for easier parent access during the day. The front loop would become the new parent drop-off area.
    • Revised bus loading area. The parking lot at the east end of the building (currently used by staff) would become a buses only loading area where the buses would enter through a new turn in closer to the corner and stack side by side rather than end to end to load and drop off students. This would completely separate parent and bus traffic at all times.
    • New classroom furnishings. Whenever we add classrooms we would need to order new students desks and chairs. We would work closely with principals and staff to ensure the appropriate furnishings were available once the new area is ready to occupy.

    If you have questions please feel free to contact Sanie Baker, Heyburn Elementary Principal at  sbaker@minidokaschools.org or 208-679-2400

Proposed Site Plan

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.