• Paul Elementary Bond Changes

    Paul is growing! There are new homes being built throughout the community and you have probably noticed the new development along the highway just west of town. With these new homes come new students and we need to be prepared for that growth! 

    With funds generated with the passing of the Bond we would be able to make the following changes at Paul Elementary School. These plans are mainly suggestions at this time and subject to change as the projects have yet to be finalized.

    • Add six classrooms and restrooms. We have met with the principal, the architects and some PTO members to discuss adding these classrooms in one of two locations. .
      • Have an east/west hall off the west side of building near the north end of the building with three classrooms on either side of the hall.
      • Wrap the east and north sides of the gym with four or six classrooms.
    • Provide additional front entrance security. In order to provide for a more secure entrance and more effective lock down options, the second set of front doors would be locked throughout the day. The single door that is currently left open during the day will remain open, however, before entering the building visitors would need to be buzzed in by the secretary. This feature would most likely be enforced once school got underway in the morning.
    • Add staff parking and drop-off. The grass area on the east side of the building could be turned into angle parking along the west side of N 1st W Street. We could also add angle parking off of the south side of Railroad St against the new classrooms (if they end up there). THis could add many new parking spots for staff.
    • New classroom furnishings. Whenever we add classrooms we would need to order new students desks and chairs. We would work closely with principals and staff to ensure the appropriate furnishings were available once the new area is ready to occupy.

    Current Supplemental Levy funds are being used to upgrade all lighting to LED fixtures and to patch, seal coat and restripe the parking lot.

    Future Supplemental Levy funds would be used to update paint and floor needs throughout the building.


    If you have questions please feel free to contact Ellen Austin, Paul Elementary Principal at  eaustin@minidokaschools.org  or 208-438-2211.


    Drawings Under Development - Coming Soon!