• Minico High School Bond Changes

    With all the growth throughout the District we need to make some changes at Minico High School as well. With funds generated with the passing of the Bond we would be able to make the following changes at Minico High School:

    • Add Ag Science Building. We have gone from one Ag teacher in 2014 to three currently. We live in an agricultural community and need to ensure that we support and prepare students for their future in this area of expertise.
      • Our Ag teachers have met repeatedly with the architects to develop some plans that fit the budget allocated in the bond. Some of the draft plans are available here but have not been finalized at this time.
      • The District has purchased the property to the east of Minico and this new building would be built on that property.
    • Add Restrooms & Concessions at Softball/Soccer Fields. In order to better accommodate patrons participating in events at our softball and soccer fields we will be adding a restroom/concessions building in this area. The cost of installing sewer lines for this building has kept this from being completed in the past. With the addition of the Ag building we will be able to tie the two systems together making this building a welcome addition on the Minico site.
    • Minico Gym HVAC and Floor Replacement. We have also identified a number of other projects that need to be completed at MInico. Among these are to upgrade the HVAC system for the Minico gym to better accommodate large gatherings, basketball games, wrestling tournaments, graduation, etc. The gym floor is the original floor from the mid 1950s. WE do plan on replacing the floor when Bond funds become available.
    • Minico Parking Lot Repair. We are also planning on repairing and resurfacing the Minico parking lots, which have suffered considerable damage over the past couple of winters. 

    Current Supplemental Levy funds are being used to replace the visitor’s booth on the football field and some parking lot repairs. 

    Future Supplemental Levy funds would be used to meet immediate HVAC needs, particularly in the Math wing of Minico.

    If you have questions please feel free to contact Josh Aston, Minico Principal at jaston@minidokaschools.org or 208-436-4721.