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    310 10th Street
    Rupert, ID  83350 
    Phone: 208-436-4727
    Fax: 208-436-6593
    School begins at 8:15 am and
    ends at 2:30 pm


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    • Rjarvis@minidokaschools.org
    • Choward@minidokaschools.org
    • Smithm@minidokaschools.org
    • CBruns@minidokaschools.org

  • MJH Uniforms

    Student Dress and Grooming (Policy No. 344.00)
    In order to protect our students, we expect everyone to adhere to a dress code. Student
    dress, personal appearance, and conduct are required to be of such character as not to
    disrupt or distract from the educational environment of the school or tend to diminish
    instructional effectiveness or the disciplinary control by the teacher. Clothing which is
    unduly revealing or attire which detracts in any way from the educational mission of the
    school’s instructional program is unacceptable.

    Uniforms are a requirement at Mt. Harrison Jr. High as follows:
    1. Students must be wearing the required uniform in order to attend school.
    2. All students wear black or blue pants without patterns, words, or any other markings. No cargo, capris, leggings, spandex pants or shorts allowed. Pants will not be frayed, or have holes, and must be worn at the waist level (without undergarments showing) at all times.
    3. Uniforms are to be clean.
    4. Students may wear only black, grey, brown, or white shoes. With no red or blue markings, shoe laces or writing.
    5. All uniform clothing and accessory layer clothing must be in good repair. Any part of the school uniform that is torn, faded, or altered, must be replaced.
    6. Belts must be the appropriate length without excessive length hanging outside the loops. Belt buckle designs, emblems, insignias, monograms must be school appropriate. No blue or red belts, threads, or markings.
    7. Accessory layering of clothing under the uniform shirt will include: a crew neck or t-shirt style in solid black, gray, or white. Hoodies are not allowed for layering purposes.  
    8. No hats, bandanas, headbands, or other head coverings will be worn in the building.
    9. Students who do not comply with the Mt. Harrison Jr. High Uniform Policy may be sent home. Repeated infractions may result in further disciplinary actions.

    Polo shirts and layering shirts are available for purchase on Mt. Harrison Jr. High
    district webpage.

    Polo shirts are $18.00, and layering shirts (white, black or gray)
    are $8.00 each.

    Click here to purchase your uniform!

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