• Wow! Another year in the history books. I believe that 2015 was a good year for the district as a whole. We have great teachers, wonderful supporting staff and an administrative team that is focused on helping your children succeed. To recap the year let me point out some of the changes that have happened this past year.

    Last spring the board approved some organizational changes at the central office that resulted in starting the new school year with Ashley Johnson on board as the Student Achievement Director to work with Heather Hepworth, our School Improvement Director, Sherry Bingham, our Special Services Director, and myself in managing the central office functions of the various programs implemented throughout the district.

    Another area of improvement that I have seen is that our Administration Team, which consists of the central office administrators and our principals and assistant principals has spent more time recently strengthening our understanding of what we need to do as a district to improve. Through various professional development activities at our regular meetings we are learning to work together more effectively to move our district forward.

    In January 2016 the Administration Team and the Board of Directors for the district met to review our current Strategic Plan, newly renamed our Continuous Improvement Plan. At this meeting they established the foundational goals upon which our schools can build their building goals for improvement. Your input is welcomed as we continue to develop these goals and strengthen the district.

    I am glad to be part of a district that is recognized across the state as leading the way in a number of different areas. I hope that you too are proud of what we are doing and if you are not, or have concerns that you share those with me. My personal cell number is 208-431-9347

    January 2016 
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