• The Business office operates under the direction and budget set forth by the school board and makes financial decisions with the following criteria in mind:

      • Preparing a balanced budget
      • Hold adequate reserves to meet unanticipated emergencies of atleast 5%
      • Prepare a budget based on current economic and historical trends of local growth and educational need.

      In an effort to maintain transparency; on this site you will find the Annual Budget Report, Annual Financial Report, Monthly Expenditures, and Payroll Expenses. This information is updated regularly. Additional information may be obtained by submitting a written public records request to the district office.


    Michelle DeLuna      Business Manager      (208)436-4411       Ext 1105

    Melinna Castro     Accounts Payable      (208)436-4411      Ext 1106

    Jasmine Salazar.   ISEE Coordinator       (208)436-4411       Ext 1108