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    The mission of the Minidoka Virtual Academy is to make sure all students reach their fullest potential with engaging, individualized learning. Our primary goal is to assist students in gaining the knowledge and skills to be successful with tools and techniques of the 21st Century that brings learning alive.




    The Minidoka Virtual Academy is now taking applications for grades K-8.
    The first day of school is Monday, August 27, 2012.  Courses will open August 1, 2012 for all MVA students who want to start early.  Open enrollments are being accepted from the Mini-Cassia area and from the Magic Valley. 



    What You Get:

    Minidoka Virtual Academy provides everything you need to help your students get an exceptional education. These include:

    • Best-in-class online lessons and quality hands-on materials.
    • Teaching Guides.
    • Assessments.
    • Built-in planning tools to take the guess work out of what your child should be learning each day.
    • Built-in progress tools to easily track your child's progress and modify the pace each day.

    Our materials kits come complete with virtually everything needed for each grade for lesson, thus minimizing preparation time and focusing on teaching. We also offer online placement tests to ensure each child is placed at the most appropriate grade level.

    Our Commitment Provides:

    • Superb Curriculum and Support.
    • Enrollment counselors to guide you through the enrollment, placement and registration process.
    • Blended learning (virtual and face to face) experiences with a K-8 certified teacher in a classroom/computer lab at the District Service Center.
    • State of Idaho Assessment programs to help evaluate the proficiency and growth of your student.
    • Dual enrollment options and access to District resources and activities.
    • A state-certified teacher assigned to each student to direct the "learning coach" (generally, a parent) with day-to-day instruction. Each student is typically assigned to one teacher who manages an Individualized Learning Plan, monitors progress and focuses on each student's individual problem areas. The parent or "learning coach" facilitates progress through daily lessons.
    • K12 customer care and technical support representatives committed to ensuring that your questions get answered.

    K12 - The best value in home-school curriculum!

    The Minidoka Virtual Academy is proud to be an educational partner with K12, Inc. as a provider of world-class academic (virtual) curriculum.

    Minidoka Virtual Academy will provide the most comprehensive, integrated and engaging curriculum available for learning at home. All subjects are coordinated with each other in each grade level. Children working on art projects will have that expierence relate to what they are studying in history. This integrated approach to learning makes the Minidoka Virtual Academy your value-added choice for excellence in education- all this at no charge to you.

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    Enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year is now open.
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