• When a student loses credit due to excessive absences, he or she will receive an NC, meaning No Credit.  Students/Parents will receive a letter stating the number of class periods the student is required to make up.  Students will then need to write a letter explaining their absences.  The letter will be reviewed by the attendance committee.  Upon approval, the NC will be changed to an NM, meaning No Mark.  The NM will stay until the missed hours are made up. Once the student has completed their makeup time, the NM will be changed to the earned letter grade.

    The class periods are made up in the PLATO Lab.  This is called credit recovery. (They will spend the time completing work in the subject area where they received the NC.)  When they have completed the hours, the PLATO teacher will sign off the time and the grade will be changed.

    If the absences are due to illness and or Dr. appointments, a Doctor’s note will generally excuse the absences and the hours will not need to be made up. The appeal letter must still be written and submitted.

    Credit hours must be made up by the end of the following trimester.