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    Minico High School
    292 West, 100 South
    Rupert , Idaho 83350



    Mrs. Kimberley Kidd

    436-5355 ext. 3100

    Assistant Principal:

    Mrs. Laurie Copmann

    436-5355 ext. 3003

    Assistant Principal:

    Mr. Terry Merrill

    436-5355 ext. 3006

    Activities Director:

    Mr. Brady Trenkle

    436-5355 ext. 3007


    Mrs. Heather Wilcox

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    Mrs. Dawna Reddington

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    Ms. Sara Duncan

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    Financial Secretary:

    Mrs. Kris Christensen

    436-5355 ext. 3004

    School Resource Officer:

    Mr. Bob Higens

    436-5355 ext. 3163



    Mrs. Nikki Sayer


    436-5355 ext. 3149

    Mr. Kent Chandler


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    Mr. John Kontos 


    436-5355 ext. 3151


    Welcome! We are excited to have you as a student at Minico High School. We know this will be a rewarding experience for you. Our high school has an amazing faculty and staff, continually available to support and assist each of you.

    We encourage you to become involved and pursue the many opportunities Minico High School has to offer.

    This handbook has been designed to help you become more familiar with Minico’s school policies and guidelines. Please carefully read and refer to the handbook throughout the school year. We are looking forward to a wonderful school year, full of many successes and fond memories

    Don’t forget, YOU ARE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY (Greg Boyle), and together we are #SpartanStrong!

    Kimberley Kidd
    Minico High School, Principal

    District Mission Statement

    The Minidoka County School District is dedicated to developing the whole child in an atmosphere of excellence characterized by mutual respect, shared responsibility for learning, academic rigor and technology, which facilitates success in all aspects of life.

    District Vision

    Empowering Students for Success

    Minico High School Mission Statement

    Learn from yesterday, succeed today, excel tomorrow. 

    Minico High School Motto

    Stay Spartan Strong and All Means ALL!


    Come on and fight, Spartans fight. 
    Come on and let's win this game.
    Let's go on to victory,
    Let's fight 'em fair and play 'em square.
    So fight, Spartan's, fight! 
    Come on and let's win this game.
    Just one more score, and then the game is ours. 
    Let's win this game! 

    M - I - N - I - C - O 


    Oh, when those mighty Spartans fall in line, 
    We’re going to score every time. 
    Let's go on to victory, And we will yell, yell, yell, for Minico, 
    Our Alma Mater. We will sing our praises high 
    And when they go, go, go for another score, 
    We will cheer, cheer, cheer, them all the more. 
    For we are Spartans of the red and gold, 
    Red and gold, fight team fight!  


    Minico High School has adopted a theme to promote positive decision-making and help students develop healthy relationships. The theme identifies six areas to assist students in building positive behaviors and attributes. 

    Spartan Strong



    First Bell                                   8:05am

    Period 1                                    8:10am-9:12am  (First 12 minutes for homeroom/announcements)                                   

    Period 2                                    9:16am-10:06am                                                                 

    Period 3                                   10:10am-11:00am                                                                  

    9-10 Lunch          11:04am-11:34 am             9-10 Period 4           11:38am-12:28pm

    11-12 Period 4     11:04am-11:54am            11-12 Lunch              11:58am-12:28pm

    Period 5                                    12:32pm-1:22pm                                                                  

    Period 6                                    1:26pm-2:16pm                                                                   

    Period 7                                    2:20pm-3:10pm                                                                    



    Students will not have flowers, plants, or other gift deliveries brought to individual classrooms. Students will be notified at noon or at the end of the day if such items are waiting for them in the main office. Balloons are not allowed at school or graduation.


    All visitors to the school must sign in with their driver’s license at the main office and be assigned a visitors pass.


    The library/media center opens at 7:45 a.m. and remains open until 3:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to use the library before school, at lunch, and after school. Students may also use the library during class time if there is room available and if they receive a pass from their instructor. 

    Books and most library materials are checked out for a 6 week period. Magazines and periodicals can be checked out on a weekly basis. Fines are assigned for overdue materials. Internet access is available to all students who have returned a signed Internet Policy agreement. 

    Binding is available for reports and other materials. 


    Individual users of the Internet have the ultimate responsibility to use Internet resources appropriately. Students accessing any computers at the high school must sign a district Internet Usage Agreement and follow rules specifically outlined in the student handbook. Violation of network security or any school/district rules may result in the following disciplinary actions: 

    Students may lose all access to computers in the district for one calendar year from the date of the infraction. 

    If enrolled in a computer class, the student may receive a failing grade in that class. 

    Students may be subject to school disciplinary action. 


    A complete copy of the student handbook is located on the internet at the Minico High School home page (https://www.minidokaschools.org/domain/4107).


    At registration time, students may pay an activity fee ($40.00) which entitles them to attend all activities and assemblies sponsored by the student body. The fee includes all home events, as well as national school assemblies held during the school year. This fee does not cover specified dances during the school year. All students involved in any extra-curricular activities are required to purchase this activity card. Students who do not buy an activity card will have to pay the regular admission fee to all activities. If students purchase an activity card, they are entitled to their parking pass at half price ($5.00).


    Activity .................................... 40.00

    Annual .................................... 50.00

    Parking………………………….10.00/5.00 if purchased in conjunction with Activity Card

    **Annuals will not be available for purchase after first semester (December) and will not be available for purchase at the end of the year.**

    ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS (including Dual Enrollment)

    All students who enroll at Minico High School, including dual enrollments, shall be subject to all the same policies, regulations and school rules. All students must present proof of immunization before being enrolled. Legal guardianship must also be shown if they do not reside with their parent(s). Students may be required to provide proof of residence if there is a question of resident status. Students who reside outside of District 331 must provide their own transportation and complete an open enrollment form, which must then be approved by the Board of Trustees. With permission from the administration, students who withdraw from a school may reenroll during a school year.


    Dual enrollment requirements are found in Minidoka County School District # 331 Policy NO: 304.00



    Minidoka County School District requires that prior to consideration of a request for transfer, an Open Enrollment application must be submitted by the student’s parent/guardian or appropriate designee.


    A partial schedule, which must be completed by the first day of the semester, must be for four consecutive classes during the semester and to which all school rules will apply. Furthermore, such student with a partial schedule cannot be on campus during the time they do not have scheduled classes or school activity.


    Priority for enrollment in credit recovery classes will be given to students in their Junior and Senior years. Sophomore and freshmen students who fail a core class will be referred to the District Summer School Program for recovery of lost credits.




    A student desiring to represent Minico High School in extracurricular activities must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and must be passing all classes.

    Grades will be checked every two weeks and students who have a grade of less than 60% in no more than two classes will be placed on a probation plan and will either meet the requirements of the probation plan or will become ineligible. ***

    After grade checks, a student who is not passing at least five classes will have one week to reach the minimum standard of five passing classes. If the student does not meet the minimum standard he/she will be declared ineligible for participation until the standard is met.

    Activity Probation Plan***

    In order to encourage students who might otherwise not be allowed to participate, and to provide incentive for improvement, students who are unable to meet the 60% requirement, in the above circumstances, and is passing at least five of seven classes, may be allowed to practice, participate, or compete under the following circumstances:

    The student must meet with administration and teacher to determine if the student can be placed on academic probation.

    If approved, the student will remain on academic probation each week thereafter until a satisfactory grade report is achieved at which time they will be declared eligible to participate until the next grade check.

    A student who has an unsatisfactory grade report or is declared ineligible to participate must continue to meet weekly with the administration to discuss current grades and an improvement plan.

    Failure to meet the guidelines set forth in the improvement plan set by teacher, student, and administrator will result in the student being declared ineligible to participate for the remainder of the season.

    Students must attend all required practices and perform all required training activities during the probationary period. Students who have been declared ineligible for the remainder of the sport season will not be allowed to practice or participate following the declaration of ineligibility.

    Activity advisors will be responsible for grade check and eligibility requirements.

    Students not meeting grade requirements will not participate in activities.

    All school activities will be under this policy.

    Only administration may waive any requirement.


    Parents should be notified (phone call, e-mail, letter, etc.) when the student has earned three zeros in the class.

    Fourth zero in a class could result in content specific remediation being assigned.

    Any zero after four will result in increased time spent in remediation and the assignment of after school math and writing labs and possible Saturday School.


    The State minimum graduation requirement for all Idaho public high schools is forty-six (46) credits. The forty-six (46) credits must include twenty-nine (29) credits in core subjects as identified below. All credit-bearing classes must be aligned with state high school standards in the content areas for which standards exist. To receive a diploma from Minico High School, students must complete all of the State requirements for graduation and complete a total of forty eight (48) credits. All graduation requirements must be met and school fees paid in full in order for students to participate in graduation exercises for either high school.

    One (1) credit shall equal sixty (60) hours of total instruction. Students may also achieve credits by demonstrating mastery of a subject’s content standards as defined and approved by the school district.

    Guidelines By Content /Subject Area

    Secondary Language Arts and Communication- Nine (9) credits are required. Eight (8) credits of instruction in Language Arts. Each year of Language Arts shall consist of language study, composition, and literature and be aligned to the Idaho Content Standards for the appropriate grade level. One (1) credit of instruction in communications consisting of oral communication and technological applications that includes a course in speech, a course in debate, or a sequence of instructional activities that meet the Idaho Speech Content Standards requirements.

    Mathematics- Six (6) semester credits are required: two (2) credits of Algebra I or courses that meet the Idaho Algebra I Content Standards as approved by the State Department of Education; two (2) credits of Geometry or courses that meet the Idaho Geometry Content Standards as approved by the State Department of Education; and two (2) credits of mathematics of the student’s choice. Two (2) credits of the required six (6) credits of mathematics must be taken in the last year of high school.

    Science- Six (6) credits will be required. Secondary sciences include instruction in the following areas: biology, physical science or chemistry, and earth, space, environment, or approved applied science. Four (4) credits of these courses must be laboratory based.

    Social Studies- Five (5) credits are required, including government (two (2) credits), United States history (two (2) credits), and economics (one (1) credit). Courses such as geography, sociology, psychology, and world history may be offered as electives, but are not to be counted as a social studies requirement.

    Humanities- Two (2) credits are required. Humanities courses include instruction in visual arts, music, theatre, dance, or world language aligned to the Idaho content standards for those subjects. Other courses such as literature, history, philosophy, architecture, or comparative world religions may satisfy the humanities standards if the course is aligned to the Idaho Interdisciplinary Humanities Content Standards.


    Health/Wellness- One (1) credit is required. Courses must be aligned to the Idaho Health Content Standards.

    Content Standards- Each student shall meet locally established subject area standards (using state content standards as minimum requirements) demonstrated through various measures of accountability including examinations or other measures.

    College Entrance Examination- A student must take one (1) of the following college entrance examinations before the end of the student’s eleventh grade year: ALEKS, ACT or SAT. Scores must be included in the Learning Plan.


    Students must take and pass a Civics Exam in accordance with Idaho State Department of Education requirements

    Senior Project-A student must complete a senior project by the end of grade twelve (12). The project must include a written report and an oral presentation. Additional requirements for a senior project are at the discretion of the school district.

    Middle School- If a student completes any required high school course with a grade of C or higher before entering grade nine (9), and if that course meets the same standards that are required in high school, then the student has met the high school content area requirement for such course. However, the student must complete the required number of credits in all high school core subjects, as identified herein, in addition to the courses completed in middle school.

    Special Education Students- A student who is eligible for special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) must, with the assistance of the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team, refer to the current Idaho Special Education Manual for guidance in addressing graduation requirements.

    Foreign Exchange Students- Foreign exchange students may be eligible for graduation by completing a comparable program as approved by the school district.

    Students will need to meet the following diploma requirements:

    Students will need to meet the following diploma requirements: 

    Minico High School Diploma                                               

    English                                 8                              

    Math                                    4  

    Geometry                        2  

    Speech                                 1                              

    Computer  Technology           1

    Science                                6                              

    10th US History                     2                              

    US History                            2                              

    Economics                            1                                                                 

    American  Government          2                

    Health                                  1                                                                 

    Physical Education                 1      

    Humanities                            2                     

    Electives                               15     

    Total  ls:                          48  credits                                                                                                

    Additional Guidelines 

    Taking Fine Arts classes, Practical Arts classes, or Performing Arts classes may satisfy the Humanities requirement.

    Computer Technology credit may be earned anytime during high school.

    Four (4) credits of the science courses must be laboratory based.

    Two of the six required mathematics credits must be taken the last year of high school, and two credits in each of the areas of Algebra I and Geometry standards must be taken. 

    Students must comply with the C-core policy. 

    School-To-Work credits will be accepted as elective credits up to a limit of 4 total credits.



    The following requirements shall be considered in the selection of Valedictorian and Salutatorian:

    Complete all requirements of the Diploma

    Complete a minimum of 15 credits of honors or dual credit courses.

    The student with the highest overall GPA in grades nine through twelve, including the final term of the senior year will be eligible for Valedictorian. If more than one student meets the criteria, valedictorian and salutatorian will be determined by the highest SAT score.

    Grades will be pulled after the completion of the first nine weeks of the second semester. These grades will determine placement of Valedictorian, Salutatorian and the top ten scholars.

    In the event a grade is disputed, that issue shall be resolved by the end of the term the course is taken.

    Students being considered for Valedictorian or Salutatorian must have attended Minico High School full time for all of their senior year

    Students being considered for Valedictorian or Salutatorian shall not have repeated any classes

    Graduates with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher will be recognized at graduation with an honor cord.


    The Idaho Department of Education authorizes individual high schools to grant credit for each subject a student takes and passes in the public schools. At Minico High School, credit will be granted on a trimester basis. This means that the grade a student earns at the end of a twelve-week period (trimester) will be placed on his/her permanent record. 

    Grading Scale

    Percentage                                                  Letter Grade                                              GPA Rating 

    93 - 100%                                                   A                                                              4.0 

    90 - 92%                                                     A-                                                             3.67 

    87 - 89%                                                     B+                                                            3.33 

    83 - 86%                                                     B                                                              3.00 

    80 - 82%                                                     B-                                                             2.67 

    77 - 79%                                                     C+                                                            2.33 

    73 - 76%                                                     C                                                              2.00 

    70 - 72%                                                     C-                                                             1.67 

    67 - 69%                                                     D+                                                           1.33 

    63 - 66%                                                     D                                                             1.00 

    60 - 62%                                                     D-                                                            1.00 

    Below 59%                                                  F                                                              0.00


    Non-academic classes 

    Students transferring into Minico High School will receive the equivalent grade from their previous school. Students with weighted grades shall receive a one-grade increase from the listed grade if this does not exceed the weighing given by the previous school. EXAMPLE: A student transfers into Minico from a school that gives a 20% (two grade) increase. This student shall receive a one grade increase. A student transfers in from a school that gives a 5% increase. The student shall receive a 5% increase. At no time shall the student receive more than a 100% for a credit. 


    The Renaissance Program at Minico High School will recognize students who are making positive choices and excelling in academics. Students who achieve a trimester GPA using the following criteria and havepurchased an activity card will receive a sticker that will entitle them to benefits at local businesses: 

    Gold: 3.75-4.0 (all A’s); Silver: 3.25-3.74; White: 2.75-3.24. 

    In addition, they will receive coupons that may allow them to retake exams, redo assignments and exempt assignments. Use of the coupons is up to the discretion of the teacher. 


    National Honor Society is the front runner of organizations that promote appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of academics, character, leadership, and service. Thousands of schools are chartered in the U. S., and the Minico Chapter is the second oldest in Idaho. Instead of fund-raising activities, NHS concentrates on public service, school, and social activities. 

    College admissions offices often look for National Honor Society membership as a valid indicator that the applicant will succeed at the collegiate level. Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher are invited to join. 


    Non-resident credit will be accepted as listed: 

    If a student has attended secondary school (grades 9-12) four years and is short 1-4 credits for graduation. 

    Credit will be accepted from any accredited college, university, or high school independent study course. 

    Credit will be accepted for a summer school and/or high school program at an accredited college, university, or high school. 

    Workshops and seminars approved by the State Department of Education will also be accepted. 

    Resident credit will be accepted upon receipt of an official transcript from the previous school. Credit will be accepted for work completed in grades 9-12. 


    Senior and Junior students with an overall GPA of 2.0 or better may take one day from school to visit the college, university, or military organization of their choice, as long as the student's grades remain with an overall GPA of 2.0. No penalty for this absence will be applied under the 90% attendance policy. Students requesting this privilege must get a pre-excused form from the counselor in charge of seniors. This form must be filled out, verified by the counselor, and signed by each individual teacher at least twenty-four hours in advance. The completed form must be returned to the attendance secretary before the student leaves school for the visit.


    Students who have met the necessary academic and attendance requirements required for graduation and do not owe a fine are eligible to participate in commencement exercises. Students who have not completed all graduation requirements for the current school year will be allowed to participate in the commencement exercises of the following year provided they meet all the requirements for graduation at that time and they have filed a graduation request on or before November 1 of the school year in which they intend to participate in the commencement exercises. 


    Students proper dress attire. (No Levi’s or flip flops.)

    NO sunglasses. 

    NO additional decorations to cap or gown. 

    NO party items (silly string, beach balls, water guns, fire crackers, etc). 

    All other school rules will be in effect. 


    The school counselors work with students as they make plans for the present and future. The counselors evaluate educational and vocational information and relate that information to the student's abilities and interests. They also help students to evaluate study time and techniques in the organization of school work.

    Students are to discuss vocational and scholastic problems with their assigned counselor, but may talk with any of the three counselors for help dealing with personal problems. Student-counselor conferences are kept in the strictest confidence. When a student desires to see the counselor, he/she must make an appointment and secure a pass, clearing the absence with their classroom teacher in whose class will be missed BEFORE going to see the counselor.

    Violations of this procedure will lead to the student being considered truant from classes missed while in the counseling center.


    A student/parent may request a change of classes within the first week of classes. Changes will be left to the discretion of the counselor or administrator based on class sizes, and if the changes jeopardize the student’s educational progress the counselor or administrator may need to discuss the issues with the student and/or parent.

    If parent(s) are requesting a teacher change, a meeting with an administrator is necessary before the request may be granted.



    Only junior and senior students may be a teacher aide one time per semester. All other circumstances must be approved by administration. 



    To ensure a safe environment free from hazards that may be dangerous to students, staff, and patrons it is necessary to adhere to the following:

    Students are PROHIBITED from crossing Idaho State Highway 25 at anytime from Minico High School.

    Once students arrive on school grounds they cannot walk across the highway for any purpose. Also, at the end of the school day a student cannot leave the school grounds by walking across Idaho State Highway 25. Supervised and approved activities such as cross country are exempt.

    Students referred to the office for violation will receive appropriate consequences, which may include detention, Saturday School, or out of school suspension.  


    If it becomes necessary for students to withdraw from school, they must obtain a "student withdrawal" form from the attendance office. The withdrawal form, textbooks, class materials, etc. must be presented to each teacher for clearance signatures. This form is to be returned to the Attendance Office for final approval. Students who withdraw from school are not to be on school grounds at any time without permission or they will be considered trespassing. 

    STUDENT ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES (refer to District Policy #320.00 for additional information)


    There are two types of school absences:   Excused and Unexcused.

    All students will be required to be in attendance in each class no less than 90% of the total days each semester (nine (9) absences per semester).

    *All absences, will count against the 90% attendance requirement (see exceptions below).

    *Exceptions: Absences due to attendance to school activities, attendance to funerals, and visits to doctor’s offices verified with a note from the doctor.

    Upon return to school after an absence, a student must check in at the Attendance Office.


    Excused Absences are defined by:

    • Illnesses/absences verified by a physician or a parent.
    • Pre-excused absences and emergencies approved by the principal or designee.
    • School Business: Students who are legitimately away from school during the day because of school sponsored activities must give teachers prior notice of the upcoming absence.

    Unexcused Absences are:

    • Absences which are not approved or excused and are used to determine Habitual Truancy.




    Students with excessive absences in any class will not receive credit for the class, and the grade will be marked as FA (Failure due to Attendance) on their transcript. Additionally the students may be ineligible for participation in extracurricular activities until the end of the next grading period. 


    Truancy: This is an absence that is not authorized or legitimate in the opinion of the administration. Students who are out of their assigned classroom/area without a hall pass may be considered truant. Any absence which is not pre-cleared or is without the knowledge by parents or administration, or is not of an emergency nature may be considered to be a TRUANCY and will be disciplined accordingly.

    HABITUAL TRUANCY shall be defined as receiving four truancies or three unexcused absences or attendance below 90% current attendance mark during the course of a single school year. If a student is truant or habitually truant, parents will be contacted and students may be issued a PASS Room/Saturday School, or recommended to attend the Mount Harrison High School, (MHHS). Students who are habitually truant may be expelled and may be referred to Juvenile Court for further action (See District Policy 320.00)


    If it becomes necessary for a student to leave school during the day, he/she must check out through the attendance office with parental/guardian permission BEFORE leaving school grounds. Students who fail to follow this procedure may be considered truant.


    Students leaving for an extended period of time will need to fill out a form listing the days they will be gone, along with signatures from their teachers and get administrative approval. This form must be returned to the attendance office prior to leaving. Students who intend to be absent from school for 10 or more school days will be withdrawn from Minico High School and may enroll in the Mt. Harrison High School for the remainder of the semester. Students who wish to return to Minico the following term will need to make arrangements with the school administration before the start of the new semester.


    Excused Absences: Students will be allowed two days to make up any homework given on the day(s) of absence. Assignments, test, quizzes, and/or projects assigned before the day(s) of absence are due when the student returns to school or on the assigned due date.

    School Business: Work may be required to be completed prior to the activity.


    A student is tardy if he/she comes to class after the tardy bell rings. Students who are more than 15 minutes late to class will be considered absent.

    Classroom teachers are responsible for disciplinary action for their student's first three tardies in their particular class.

    A fourth tardy in any class will result in a Lunch Academy Detention that will be assigned by the teacher.

    Lunch Academy will be detention that is served during the student lunch period. Students will be permitted to get food from the cafeteria and then must report to the appointed room for the detention.

    The tardies will then be reset and when four additional tardies are accumulated, the student will be assigned three days of Lunch Academy Detention.

    Any subsequent tardies will result in Saturday School. If the problem persists, PASS Room or additional consequences, which may include suspension, and/or expulsion, will be assigned.


    Parents should notify the school of a student’s absence by phone at 436-4721 Ext. 3002 or by written notice.

    Students who come to the attendance office after 8:10 a.m. and are late for class shall be marked tardy by the teacher.

    Upon return to school, a student must check in with the attendance secretary at the attendance office.


    Extenuating circumstances may be defined as one-time occurrences, absences, or needs for absences which would not normally occur on any type of regular basis. In order to be considered for extenuating circumstances, please contact the Minico High School office for conditions and guidelines.

    EXCEPTION: Serious illness or accident for an extended period of time certified by a medical doctor (see HOMEBOUND).


    Students who are out of school for extended illness or accident may petition for HOMEBOUND status so that the days absent will not affect their credit. In order for a student to be considered for the HOMEBOUND program, they must be absent from school for ten (10) consecutive days and apply through the Special Services director (436-7415) so that a HOMEBOUND teacher can be assigned. 


    The Edgenuity Tutorial/Computer Program provides an opportunity for Juniors and Seniors to master a previously taken core class that was failed. It also provides students with additional learning opportunities, and accommodates different learning styles for middle/junior high and high school students. Students will receive academic credit upon completion of and a passing score on the mastery test.

    Minico High School students also have the following options available to complete grade level requirements: Summer School, Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA), Correspondence Classes, and Independent Study.


    Students who miss all or any of the last day(s) of the semester for any excuse, with the exception of illness verified by a valid physician's statement or death in the family, will be responsible to take any required semester exams after they return to school. Only those students who have a medical reason, as verified by a physician's statement, or have a death in the family will be allowed to make up exams or take exams prior to the specified semester test dates assigned by the school administration. Students who do not meet these requirements will receive a grade of zero for each of the required exams until the student comes back to school and takes the examinations. It shall be the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher immediately upon returning to school for any/all work that needs to be made up.



    It is the intent of the Minico High School administration to support teachers in the area of classroom behavior and student discipline. It is our belief that students must be responsible for all their actions while in attendance at school and school activities.

    Each teacher has a set of classroom rules that are necessary to maintain a positive learning environment. Students who violate these rules may be assigned detention at lunch or after school or sent to the vice principal’s office. Detention may be assigned up to one hour per teacher’s discretion. All behaviors that need further discipline are to be dealt with by the principal or assigned assistant principal.

    Students referred to the office for violation of school rules will receive appropriate consequences, which may include Lunch Academy Detention, Saturday School, in school or out of school suspension, community service, restitution, and /or expulsion. Any action by a student which violates any law or statue will be referred to law enforcement authorities for further action.

    A hierarchy of consequences will apply to frequent or repeat offenders.

    NOTE: Many teachers assign students to serve detention at lunch or after school for minor violations of classroom rules or for academic support. Students who are assigned detention of this nature are expected to serve the assigned time. Teachers may assign detention to students up to and including one hour of after school detention.



    Lunch Academy Detention: Students may be assigned to Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday lunch detention in room 120.

    Saturday School: Students who are in violation of school policy leading to the assignment of Saturday School will be assigned as follows:

    A minimum of 48 hour notice will be given.

    Saturday School will run from 8:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Students must arrive promptly at 8:00 a.m. as doors will be locked at this time. There will be no exceptions for employment inconvenience, prior commitments, etc.

    The first failure to attend an assigned Saturday School will result in two days of in-school suspension (PASS Room).

    Additional failures to attend Saturday School will result in a one day out of school suspension.

    Teachers also have the discretion to assign students to academic Saturday School. Students who are assigned academic Saturday School must adhere to all of the rules of Saturday School. However, when the student finishes their homework, they are free to leave.

    In-house Suspension/Positive Alternative to Student Suspension (P. A. S. S.)

    Minico High School maintains an in-school suspension program which may be used by the administration to remove a student during a class if there is a need. The administrator may also assign with cause, a student PASS for one or two days, and the student is not allowed to attend after school activities during the time of the PASS.

    Suspension: Students who are suspended, are not to be present at or be on the school grounds for any reason whatsoever, including all evening activities, until after the day following the completed suspension. Students who violate this rule will be subject to additional suspension from school.


    Major discipline problems are referred to assistant principal, principal or designee for possible warning, detention, suspension, referral to the District Discipline Referral Committee (DDRC), and or referral to Minidoka County School Board for expulsion. The procedure for handling major discipline problems is stated below; however, any step(s) may be skipped and action initiated at a subsequent step or suspension invoked if the seriousness of the problem warrants. Such is the instance of fighting. Upon the second offense of fighting, the student will be referred to the DDRC. The following are minimal procedures/consequences for major offenses:

    Step 1 Offense or first major offense

    The assistant principal, principal or designee will hold a personal conference with the student. This will result in a verbal warning or further disciplinary action.

    Step 2 Offense or second major offense

    Step one will be repeated and appropriate disciplinary action will occur.

    Step 3 Offense or third major offense

    The student will attend a Saturday School.

    Step 4 Offense or fourth major offense

    The student will be assigned two Saturday Schools or an in school suspension. Parents will be contacted for conference with assistant principal/principal.

    Step 5 Offense or fifth major offense

    The previous steps may be repeated. Student could have up to 5 days of in school or out of school suspension. Parents will need to come in for a conference. At this time the student will be put on a one major offense contract.

    Step 6 Offense or sixth major offense

    A student will be assigned 5 days out of school suspension and will be referred to the DDRC.


    MAJOR violations of school rules are dealt with severely. Offenses of a MAJOR nature stay on the student's discipline record the entire school year and are not wiped clean at the conclusion of each term.

    Two occurrences of major violations (with the exception of unexcused absences) in a single school year constitute grounds for expulsion from Minico High School.


    Due Process will be utilized to address these serious violations:

    POSSESSION OF WEAPONS: Minico has zero tolerance for students who bring weapons including laser pointers, to school or have in their possession at school, on the way to or from school, on school property, in school transportation vehicles, or at any school sponsored activities, weapons or other objects/substances which are a threat to the health and safety of other students, staff members or visitors, or are a disruption to the educational process. Weapons are defined as implements capable of inflicting serious bodily damage (District Policy #952.00)

    The possession of a firearm of any sort on school property is prohibited by Gun Free Schools Act. Students found in possession of a firearm on property or at any school-sponsored activity, will be immediately suspended from school for those days permitted by law and referred to the DDRC for expulsion. Students expelled under the Gun Free School Act will not be allowed to return to school for a period of 365 days from the date of expulsion.

    Additionally, any person found in possession of a weapon will be referred to law enforcement personnel for appropriate action. A student who inadvertently brings a weapon to school and immediately upon arrival surrenders to a staff member may be excluded from some of the requirements of the policy.

    PROHIBITION OF GANGS AND HATE GROUPS: Gangs, hate groups, and similar organizations or groups which advocate hatred or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, or handicap are inconsistent with the fundamental values of the educational environment.

    The activities of such groups and their members are prohibited on school property and at all school sponsored functions.

    Bullying, Coercion, Cyberbullying, Discrimination, Gang Activity, Harassment, Hazing & Intimidation (District Policy No. 372.00)

    Bullying, coercion, cyberbullying, discrimination, gang activity, harassment, hazing and/or intimidation of students and/or employees is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Bullying, harassment and/or intimidation is generally characterized by aggressive or intentionally harmful behavior carried out over time in an attempt to exercise control over the victim. Cyberbullying is a digital form of bullying that utilizes any electronic communication device to convey a message in any format (audio, video, text, graphics, photographs, or a combination of these) that intimidates, harasses, or is otherwise intended to harm another individual. Coercion is using force or control to get another person to do something against their will that involves negative outcomes, behaviors, or emotions. Hazing is any act that is intended to cause humiliation, embarrassment, intimidate, demean, or endanger the mental or physical health of a person as a condition of membership to any district-sponsored group or organization. Gang activity includes wearing, possessing, using, distributing, banging, displaying or selling any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol sign, gesture, codes, or other things that suggest gang membership. Behaviors that are prohibited under District Policy No. 372.00 include, but are not limited to: physical abuse; verbal abuse; psychological abuse; intentional gestures or any intentional written, verbal, or physical acts or threats against another that causes harm, damage to property, fear of harm or fear of damage to property; inappropriate touching (patting); implied sexual favors; suggested sexual activity; verbal harassment; or abuse that is gender oriented.

    Anyone who believes he or she has been a victim of bullying, coercion, cyberbullying, discrimination, gang activity, harassment, hazing and/or intimidation should report the alleged acts immediately to a teacher, counselor, supervisor, principal or the superintendent. Complaints will be investigated following the procedures of District Policy No. 372.00P.

    DANGEROUS & ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR (District Policy No. 340.60)

    Students will receive up to 5 days suspension for bullying, fighting, gang activity, harassment, or any other dangerous or anti-social behavior, including hazing or initiations. Any further violation will be grounds for expulsion from school. If it has been determined that a criminal act has been committed the incident will be referred to law enforcement.

    DISRUPTION OF SCHOOL: A student shall not disrupt (or encourage disruption) of school by use of violence, force, noise, coercion, disrespect, threat, intimidation, harassment, bullying, hazing, cyber bullying, discrimination, passive resistance, or/and other similar conduct. Students found in violation of this policy will be subject to discipline up to, and including expulsion.

    THEFT OR DESTRUCTION OF SCHOOL PROPERTY: A student shall not intentionally cause or attempt to cause substantial damage to valuable property of the school including defacing property of the school or of others, or steal or attempt to steal property of the schools or of others. Restitution may be sought under the laws of the State of Idaho.

    ASSAULT/BATTERY ON A SCHOOL EMPLOYEE, STUDENT, or OTHER PERSON: A student shall not threaten through actions or words, intentionally cause or attempt to cause physical injury or intentionally behave in such a way as could reasonably cause physical injury to a school employee, student, or any other person at the school or at any school activity.

    DRUGS, ALCOHOL, AND TOBACCO USE: (District Policy 342.20) A student shall not use, possess, sell, buy, or distribute drugs, including alcohol, tobacco (including smokeless or electronic cigarettes or look-alikes), controlled substances or related paraphernalia or over –the-counter medications (except as per Policy 370.20) on school premises.

    NOTE: Idaho State law prohibits the use of tobacco on public school property. This includes students, visitors, and school personnel, whether or not school is currently in session. Minico High School complies fully with this law.


    Proper conduct by the students is expected and contributes to the safety of the pupil transportation program. Refer to District Policy #378.20P for transportation discipline procedure.

    Each passenger will maintain appropriate behavior while loading, riding, and unloading.


    Throwing rocks, ice, snowballs or other projectiles that might injure others or damage property may result in suspension from school.

    Students are not to access the roof of any building at Minico High School. Doing so will result in appropriate discipline and possible suspension.

    Under no circumstances is there to be hazing or initiation of students at Minico High School. This shall also include 'bushing' of students. Violations may result in suspension from school.

    Students are not to bring articles to school that are not deemed appropriate for a school setting. Articles such as laser pointers, skateboards, razor scooters, water guns, lighters and/or matches, etc. are prohibited during school hours. Violations of this policy may result in loss of the article and possible suspension from school.


    (District Policy No. 362.00 AND 362.00P)

    Within Minico’s school culture, we are deeply committed to learning using a variety of methods. Fundamental to student and staff learning is the integrity of classroom instruction. In an effort to promote smart and appropriate use of technology. Each student has been provided a computer and are expected to bring that device to each class charged and ready to use each day. The provided devices should be the primary device for academic purposes. Minico’s PED policy will allow students to use their personal devices during designated times throughout the day.

    • Students are permitted to use PED’s, including cell phones during:
    • Passing times between classes
    • Lunch
    • Before and after school

    We encourage our teachers to design lessons where the use of technology is relevant to the course and curriculum. Teachers will discuss these times and circumstances with their students in their classrooms. Otherwise, PED’s must be turned off or placed on silent and put away prior to the beginning of instruction. Headphones may not be visible during instruction time or unless directed by the teacher. Students may have headphones in the hall as long as one ear is free. Also, PED’s may not be used outside of the classroom during class/instructional time-for example: using the cell phone while walking to any other area of the school outside of the classroom during class time will be prohibited. 

    In the CLASSROOM when used for academic purposes the students WILL NOT:

    Answer incoming texts, Snap chats, messages or phone calls

    Be on any type of Social Media

    Access or play any game or entertainment sites on the cell phone

    Access or use any application/app on their device unless expressly instructed by the teacher

    Take any picture or video unless instructed by the teacher

    Upload any picture or video taken in any class to any social media or website

    Text or email any picture or video taken in any class to any person, including themselves.

    Access any type of mobile web browsing for any reason-unless directed by teacher

    Take any picture, video or text any class assignments without specific permission from the teacher

    Devices will not be used in the media center, unless the media specialist has given direct permission.

    *** NOTE: Due to the evolving nature of technology-additional rules and regulations may be added throughout the school year.

    Consequences for the Possession or Misuse of PEDs:

    At the beginning of each school year an acceptable use policy letter will be sent home with students, to be signed and returned, which outlines expectations and consequences regarding having a cell phone or PED at school in accordance with District Policy No. 362.00 and Minico High School expectations and policies. 


    Students need to be respectful of those around them and act responsibly. Use of profanity is unacceptable and students will be disciplined accordingly. 

    Minidoka County School District #331 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace (District Policy 342.20 and 524.00)

    The Minidoka County School Board and Minico High School is committed to meeting its legal and moral responsibilities to safeguard the health, character, citizenship, and personal development of students. It is recognized that certain offenses, including those of alcohol and drug abuse, are barriers to the positive development of the citizenry and can lead to the illness of alcoholism and other chemical dependencies.

    The board of trustees hereby notifies all employees and students of Joint School District No. 331 that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, consumption or use of any illicit drug or alcoholic beverage at the work place, on the Minidoka County School District premises, or on school assignment and/or activities is absolutely prohibited. The board further notifies all employees and students that to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any intoxicating substance at the work place, on the school district premises, or on school assignment and/or activities is absolutely prohibited. Compliance with this policy is mandatory.

    Violation of these policies by any employee or student will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion.

    All employees and students in violation of this policy will be referred to local law enforcement authorities. Students’ parents or guardians will be notified immediately.

    Administrators and supervisors are to review this policy with employees and students annually.


    Minico High School students shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness, neatness, and conservative standards of dress and appearance for the safety and education of the student and all others in the school. In order to ensure academic excellence, ethical behavior and personal responsibility, dress will be of a nature that sets a school-wide tone of caring about personal pride, school pride, and the courteous customs of the society in which we live. The purpose of this policy is to model and promote a safe, productive, and professional environment for students, staff and the community. This policy will apply equally and without bias based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability, and/or age. This policy will apply equally to all genders.

    GENERAL: Clothing should always be clean, mended, and suitable to body size and in good taste. Clothing including shirts, book bags, backpacks, accessories (including notebooks and binders) with messages, writing, graffiti, and or insignia which advertise, endorse, and/or promote drugs, tobacco, alcohol, profanity, illegal activities, racially derogatory or hate group references, Satanism, death or destruction, violence, shock-rock, sadism, gangs, racial separatism, and sexual innuendo are not permitted at any time.

    CLOTHING: Pant/slacks are to be worn at the waist. Belts are not required, but if worn, must be in loops and are not to hang down. Pants that cannot be held up without a belt are forbidden. Bib type overalls/coveralls shall be worn in an appropriate, safe, fastened manner. No extreme tight-fitting clothing will be worn. Stretch pants (yoga pants, leggings, tights. i.e.) unless they are covered with a shirt, shorts, or dress that reaches not shorter than finger-tip length are prohibited. Clothes must conceal undergarments at all times. Shirts must have a modest neckline (no cleavage) and be long enough to cover the midriff (front and back). See-through, mesh, and/or fishnet fabrics, halter tops, spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder or low cut tops, bare midriffs, and skirts and shorts shorter than finger-tip length are prohibited. Clothing which is unduly revealing or attire which detracts in any way from the educational mission of the schools instructional program, is unacceptable.

    INSIGNIA: Insignia are unacceptable in any form if they contain words, symbols, messages, styles or gang symbols, logos, emblems which degrade gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation, ethnic values, obscene symbols, signs, and slogans. Examples include, but are not limited to: Gang affiliation of ANY TYPE, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drug Paraphernalia, 8-balls, and Tobacco Products.

    HEAD COVERINGS AND HATS: During school hours, all head coverings are unacceptable for all students with the exception of head coverings for medical purpose or religious observance, unless the wearing of hats has been authorized by administration.  


    Belts must be in the belt loops and are not to be hanging from the waist.

    Accessories having studs or spikes (including metal) are prohibited.

    All pet paraphernalia is prohibited.

    Chains, including wallets which have a chain attached are prohibited.

    Jewelry, which could inflict bodily harm, used for drug paraphernalia, or construed as a weapon is prohibited. No jewelry is to be worn that has references to sex, drugs, alcohol, gangs, or any other insignias etc.

    Shoes must be worn at all times.

    Jewelry that could inflict bodily harm to self or others is prohibited.

    No gang-related, profane or vulgar language, symbols or insignias etc. are to be cut into hair or tattooed or cut into skin. All offensive permanent marks must be covered.

    Bandannas are prohibited as attire in the school building.

    ** Violation of the dress code is subject to suspension.


    The Board of Trustees believes that students and employees of the Minidoka

    County School District #331 have the right to learn and work in an atmosphere which is conducive to the achievement of their fullest potential. Sexual harassment of students or employees whether verbal or physical and whether engaged in by employees of the District or students, is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

    The School District will investigate all complaints of sexual harassment whether the complaint is formal, informal, verbal or written, and discipline any student or employee who sexually harasses a student or employee of the School District.

    Sexual harassment consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually motivated physical conduct or other verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature.

    Any person who believes he or she has been the victim of sexual harassment should report the alleged acts immediately to an appropriate teacher, counselor, supervisor, principal or superintendent.


    Inappropriate showing of affection in halls, classroom, or on school grounds will not be tolerated. Examples would be hugging, kissing, extensive physical contact, etc. that would offend other people. Violation could result in detention and/or suspension from school.


    Any student giving or receiving unauthorized help in any exam, quiz, written work, distributing photos of tests or projects and plagiarism of any kind will receive the minimum of a zero for that assignment. Example of dishonesty/cheating: A student copying or giving copies of an assignment or test that defy the teacher’s expectations. This student may also be referred to the administration for further disciplinary action, including detention or suspension.

    Any repeated offenders in the course of a semester grading period may receive a failing grade for that semester.


    The Minidoka County School District assumes no responsibility for the theft or damage to vehicles parked on school grounds. In an effort to protect your car and other possessions, we ask the following of our students:

    Do not be in the parking lot during any class period unless you have a hall pass from a member of the faculty or administration. Students found in the parking lot during class time without permission will be considered TRUANT from class and disciplined accordingly.

    Do not loiter in the parking lot when your school day is completed.

    Students who are not parking within the lines of a regular parking space may have on-campus driving privileges revoked. License numbers will be recorded for each vehicle in violation.

    Students are expected to drive carefully and responsibly on school property. Inattentive, reckless, or irresponsible driving on school grounds will not be tolerated. Violations of rules concerning parking lot and driving behavior may result in the loss of privileges for a period of time.

    Minico High School Parking Passes: Students who drive a vehicle to school must park on campus and are required to purchase a parking permit for their vehicle. Motor vehicles driven by students must be registered at the front office. The parking permit must be displayed while the vehicle is parked on campus. The parking permit may be used in multiple vehicles. Failing to display the parking permit or parking in unauthorized areas will result in the consequences listed below. Students are required to park in student parking spots and prohibited from parking in staff spaces, senior class parking areas, handicap parking areas or designated fire lanes. Students are prohibited from having too many passengers in their vehicles to include the beds of pickup trucks. Reckless driving and/or other infractions could result in the loss of parking privileges on campus. Loss of privilege will be subsequent to a hearing with administration and school resource officer to determine the amount of violations a student has received or the severity of the incident.

    Parking Consequences include:

    1stoffense: Written Warning

    2ndoffense: The vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.

    After three offenses, or a severe safety risk to others has occurred, the student and parent/guardian will have a hearing with administration and the school resource officer for possible revocation of permit and/or possible towing of car.

    $5.00 will be assessed for a lost or stolen permit

    All visitors to the school must report immediately to the office for approval to be on the school grounds, and to identify the vehicle driven.

    **The circular driveway at the front of the school is not available for parent pick-up and drop off. This area will be for delivery and emergency vehicles only. Parent pick-up and drop-off will be in the designated lane at the front (south side) of the school.**



    Students are to keep the hallways, outside lawns, and parking lots clean at all times. Failure to keep hallways clean could result in loss of privilege to eat in the halls and/or Lunch Academy. Due to recent health concerns and problems in the past, students are not to bring mugs, glass, and plastic bottles or squeeze bottles to school with liquids in them.


    While on school grounds, the administration and resource officers reserve the right to both search and seize any materials in violation of school policy. This search and seizure can include a student's personal vehicle, locker, backpack, gym bag, purse, etc.

    This can be done at any time there is reason to believe a student may be in violation of school policy. No prior warning is needed. Search warrants are not necessary to perform this action in a school setting. Any violation of school policy found during any such search will be disciplined accordingly.


    Students are reminded to secure vehicles, valuables, and lockers--BOTH hallway and PE lockers. In case of theft, the school accepts no responsibility for personal articles and property left in the building or on school grounds.


    Internet Policy for Students (District Policy No. 502.97)

    Individual users of the Internet have the ultimate responsibility to use Internet resources appropriately. All Internet users are expected to use the network for purposes appropriate to the educational environment at all times. Users must refrain from any use that is not consistent with the policies, purposes, or objectives of the Minidoka County School District. Minico requires every student and parent to sign for Internet use in accordance with District Policy No. 502.97.



    All students who attend extra-curricular events are expected to show the best citizenship and sportsmanship. Vulgar language toward anyone, including officials, will not be tolerated!

    Any student spectator expelled from an event by the administration, police department, or game official may be suspended from school up to five days and may not be allowed to attend any other extra-curricular function for up to a period of six weeks.

    A second violation of this sort during the course of the school year may result in expulsion from all school activities for the remainder of the school year and suspension from school for five days.

    Any student who is released from any sport or club because of failure to follow the sport/club rules/regulations/grade requirement may have his/her name deleted from any pictures or other recognitions.

    Rules & regulations governing participation in ALL extra-curricular activities

    Improper behavior (including before, during, and after the event) may result in loss of participation in school activities. Proper behavior while in competition representing the well-being and reputation of Minico High School is expected and required.

    Training Rules and Substance Abuse Policies

    Participation in extra-curricular activities are is a privilege extended to the students of this school. Students participating in activities shall not use or possess tobacco, alcohol, or drugs or other substances found in District Policy 342.20. Students doing so will be subject to the disciplinary actions of the Drug and Alcohol Policy for Extracurricular Activites Code of Conduct that each participant must read and sign prior to participation.

    Attendance Rules and Regulations for Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities

    Students must be in attendance one-half of the day of an activity or they will not be permitted to participate in that activity.

    Exceptions are:

    If the student is attending a doctor's appointment during the course of the day, in which case a doctor's note must be shown to the attendance office upon return to school.

    If the student must stay home because of a serious illness in their family which has been pre-excused through the attendance office.

    A death in the family.

    Personal reasons or illnesses that are cleared by the administration in advance of missing school.

    Students who are assigned in-school suspension can compete that day if their activity takes place after the assigned detention. In-school suspension will not be scheduled around extra-curricular activities under any conditions.

    Extra-Curricular Eligibility

    Those students participating in any extra-curricular activity come under the jurisdiction of the Idaho High School Activities Association regulations. In addition to these requirements, the participant must meet the following regulations outlined in the Minidoka School District policy:

    Students participating in any activity covered by the I.H.S.A.A. must have and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. The grades will be calculated initially from the previous semester grades for students transferring to Minico from other schools. Grade point averages figured from the previous semester grades will determine eligibility for the following semester.

    No student is to take part in interscholastic athletics unless the student has completed the required Physical Examination/Interim Questionnaire approving participation, and a Consent Form is signed by the parents.

    No student is to take part in interscholastic athletics unless the student has taken out athletic insurance through the school or is able to show proof that he or she is covered by a policy.

    Students participating in extra-curricular activities must purchase an activity card. This includes participation in competitive events as approved by the Idaho High School Activities Association. (A complete copy of the Spartan Pride Athletic Handbook is located on the internet at the Minico High School home page –http://www.minidokaschools.org/domain/342).

    Any person needing special accommodations to participate in school activities should contact Minico High School one (1) day prior to the activity at 292 West 100 South, telephone number 208-436-4721.


    Dances sponsored by Minico High School are for our students and their guests. Guest passes may be obtained by contacting the school office the week prior to the dance. Students are fully responsible for their guest’s actions. Students leaving a dance or activity will not be readmitted to that activity. Students and guests will be required to have a dance contract on file to attend dances.

    Dance Guidelines:

    Dancing must be tasteful. Provocative styles of dance are not allowed and may lead to removal from the dance. If students leave for any reason, they may not return.

    Requests to allow a guest who is not a Minico student to attend a dance must be received by the office by the Wednesday before the dance. Students will be notified of approval/denial by the end of the school day on Thursday. Forms may be picked up in the school office or are available on-line.