Health and Wellness Committee

You Health And Wellness Matters

  • What we are about:

    Our objective is to promote a healthy lifestyle for all district employees. 

    Why we are offering wellness activities?

    We think that giving you a chance to build a stronger community with your co-workers, in and through these activities, will create an amazing atmosphere throughout the MCSD. We are focused on growing for you and with you! 

  • How Student Success Can be Improved by Positive Thinking

    Achor says that a positive outlook is key to academic and emotional success. “Over two decades of research continually bears out the same conclusion: Happiness significantly raises memory, attention, productive energy, social connection, trust, intelligence, creativity, and shields against depression and anxiety,” he says.

    DuRoss says school should be about more than just the three R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic. “We are a lot more than reading and math. We are trying to help students, staff and parents navigate a complex world, to train them to become more resilient, to use stress and strain as an opportunity as opposed to something debilitating,” he says. “With a more resilient mindset, work is easier, life is easier. It’s a fact.”

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