Health and Wellness Committee

You Health And Wellness Matters

  • What we are about:

    Our objective is to promote a healthy lifestyle for all district employees. 

    Why we are offering wellness activities?

    We think that giving you a chance to build a stronger community with your co-workers, in and through these activities, will create an amazing atmosphere throughout the MCSD. We are focused on growing for you and with you! 

You matter

  • Wellness Activities 

    • What: Meditation Yoga Class 
    • When: Wednesdays, February 6th - March 20th at 4pm 
    • Where: District Service Center in the gym
    • Cost: Free 
    • Why: To learn about healthy options for managing stress and developing mindfulness.
    • What to Bring: Yourself, a yoga mat, and any questions you may have. 

     We look forward to having you join us! 

    If you would like to sign up click HERE

  • How Student Success Can be Improved by Positive Thinking

    Achor says that a positive outlook is key to academic and emotional success. “Over two decades of research continually bears out the same conclusion: Happiness significantly raises memory, attention, productive energy, social connection, trust, intelligence, creativity, and shields against depression and anxiety,” he says.

    DuRoss says school should be about more than just the three R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic. “We are a lot more than reading and math. We are trying to help students, staff and parents navigate a complex world, to train them to become more resilient, to use stress and strain as an opportunity as opposed to something debilitating,” he says. “With a more resilient mindset, work is easier, life is easier. It’s a fact.”

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Let us know what you think
  • We Want To Know!

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    What will help you feel more appreciated in the MCSD? How can we help you improve your personal Health and Wellness lifestyle at school and in our district? Let us know how you feel and what you think below. 

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Upcoming Wellness Activities

  • How do I win a Super Prize? 

    Attend any wellness event and you will receive a raffle ticket to put into a drawing for the Super Prize! The more events you attend, the more chances you have to win! There will be several prizes in addition to the Super Prize, but you can't win if you haven't participated in at least one of the wellness activities!

    Want to know more? Head over to our Wellness Activities page to get the scoop! 

  • Wellness Activities

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    We want to know your feedback! 

    Are you enjoying the wellness activities? What has been your favorite so far? What would you like to see us offer next year? 

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