Health and Wellness Committee

You Health And Wellness Matters
  • Wellness Wednesday

    • What: Beginner Yoga
    • When: Wednesdays during November at 4pm 
    • Where: District Service Center Gym
    • Cost: $6
    • Why: To Strengthen my Body, to Relax my Worries, and Take a Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle! 
    • What to Bring: A Yoga Matt is suggested but a few will be provided on site

     We look forward to having you join us! 

You are Worth it!
  • I want to get healthy but do not have time to attend events after school!

    We have the solution! Here are a few online options where you can find your perfect fit from home! 

    I'd like to try Yoga! 

    • They have many different types of Yoga - for your back pain, a good night's rest, flexibility, strength, etc. 
    • Just go to and type in "Yoga for ____" and try it at home!

    I think I need to Meditate

    • Just like Yoga, there are different types of meditation. 
    • Go to and type in "Guided Meditation" or visit "The Honest Guys" to help you with your meditation. 

    If you would like to join a gym these are the clubs that want to help you, since you help their kids!

  • Why is food so important to my body, my mind, and my students?

    Food is the fuel that our body requires. Just like a car needs gas, the different foods that we put into our body can be the difference in going the distance or breaking down. If you eat the wrong thing, your body will struggle for its nutrients, storing the wrong things in the wrong places.

    If my body does not have the correct fuel, it cannot function properly. 80% of headaches come from dehydration and can also cause a lack of sleep. Grogginess, crankiness, and lack of energy are all factors of not eating right and not drinking enough water. Try to drink your bodyweight in ounces every day (i.e. 155 lbs - 155 oz).

    If you do not know where to start, here are a few links to give you an added boost! When you have tried a meal, let us know what you think below! 

    Simple AND healthy meals that any teacher can make!

    Meal Prepping  

    Crockpot Meals

  • Recipes: What Do You Think?

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    Good, Great, Bad, or Awful! We want to know! Leave us your opinions and comments below. Rate the meals as you try them and if you have a favorite meal that you think should be added, drop it below! 

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Upcoming Wellness Wednesdays

  • November: Beginner Yoga

    December: No Wellness Wednesday 

    January: Free Health Screenings & Nutrition Class

    February: Meditation Class

    March: Intermediate Yoga

    April: Massage Raffles

    May: Super Prize Drawings! 

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  • How do I win a Super Prize? 

    Attend any Wellness Wendesday event and you will be put into a drawing for the Super Prizes! The more events you attend, the more chances you have to win! You will be able to win other prizes even if you do not win the Mega Prize! 

  • Wellness Wednesdays

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    We want to know your feedback! 

    Are you enjoying the Wellness Wednesdays? What has been your favorite so far? What would you like to see next year? 

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It is never too late to work towards the best you

  • If you are feeling stressed, do not feel alone! 44% of Americans are suffering from moderate to high levels of stress. 

    The main effects of stress are fatigue and a weak immune system!

    Here are the best ways to manage your stress:

    1. Avoid Caffine - try an apple!

    2. Try more physical activity.

    3. Try Meditation.

    4. Write your To-Do list down.

    Start with something small and work your way up!

    We are here for you. You Matter to us. If you are feeling beyond stressed, please reach out to us.


    Suicide is not an option. If you start to feel depressed or suisidal, we would love to take time out of our day to show you just how important you are to us. And if all else fails, please call the National Suiside Prevention Lifeline at +1800-273-8255 

Let us know what you think
  • We Want To Know!

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    What will help you feel more appreciated in the MCSD? How can we help your personal Health and Wellness Lifestyle at school and in our district? Let us know how you feel and what you think below. 

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