• Navigating Minidoka Schools for Parents

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    We recognize that getting information quickly is of the utmost importance in today’s busy world. Here is information to help you get the answers you need from schools as quickly as possible. 
    In most cases the quickest way to get answers is to begin with the secretary who will direct your call.  They are most familiar with the schedules of all school staff in their building and the resources available at the district level. 
    In general, asking the teacher about issues related to the classroom will answer or resolve most questions because they will have firsthand knowledge of anything happening in the classroom. Asking counselors or principals to answer or resolve classroom questions before discussing it with the teacher will be frustrating for you and your child.
    Questions and concerns that were not answered or resolved by the teacher should next be discussed with the building principal.  In the rare instance your question or concern is not addressed by the classroom teacher or the principal, you may discuss the issue with the Superintendent of Schools. 
    Your final option for resolving issues is the Board of Trustees who have the last word in dispute resolution.