• The District Calendar Committee has met and is recommending the following two calendars for your consideration. The ultimate decision for setting the calendar lies with the School Board but they do appreciate and listen to input from stakeholders.

    Please review these updated (as of 1/9/19) calendars and take a moment to submit which you think would be best on this short three question survey. We will have a Calendar Hearing at 6:30 on January the 21st just before the regular Board meeting. The Calendar Committee will make a final recommendation to the Board for their February 11 meeting.

    You can see a complete description of the Calendar Option Descriptions between this year and the proposed calendars.

    The primary difference between the two calendars is that:

    Option A is very similar to this year but with a four day Labor Day Weekend and a full week off at Thanksgiving.

    Option B there will be two school days Thanksgiving week but the semester ends before Christmas and school ends before Memorial Day.

    Thank You!



    2019-20 Option A Staff Calendar 1-9-19


    2019-20 Option B Staff Calendar 1-9-19