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"Spreading the Hope"

Minico Hope Squad will be "Spreading the Hope" in recognition of Suicide Awareness Month.  In most cases, if one person notices someone struggling with suicidal ideation and they make an effort to intervene, suicide can be averted.  Just one simple smile or one kind word could save someone's life.  We will be sending out positive messages via decorated clothes pins.  We will clip them to backpacks or other items. Our hope is to be able to do this without them noticing.  Then, at some point in the day they will see their message.  We hope this brings a smile and makes your day a little brighter.  You can keep the clip or pass it on.  Try the "Spread the Hope" without getting caught by the recipient.  If you can capture the act on video, upload it to our Social Media accounts.  We have notices up around the school with our info. Let's make Every Day Count Minico!