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  •  March 2018      Week of  March 19-23, 2018

    Good morning!   Please stand for the "Pledge of Allegiance".  (Say Pledge- give everyone enough time to stand and be seated before beginning announcements)

    The quote for today is "May your dreams be those which come true and the kindness you spread keep returning to you."

     Students of the Week are chosen by their teachers based on being responsible academically and behaviorally, and by showing improvement.  Being a person who shows Warrior pride is being a person of integrity by being responsible, respectful, compassionate, caring, and modeling good school citizenship. Students who are chosen receive a certificate and recognition.  We truly believe, "The Best Kids In The World Walk Through These Doors!"   Students chosen by their teacher for the week of March 16th include Kaleb Haynes,  Allie Marie Twiss, Michael Watson, Jaycee Shockey, Kassidy Kunzler and Guillermo Sanchez. Teachers please make your nominations for this week.

    Today we will be running a shortened bell schedule and will announce our Best of West winners from each grade level during our activity-filled Best of West assembly starting at the beginning of 2nd period, after the assembly students will continue with lunch and regular classes until 1pm when students will go back to advisory to pay their $2 for the dance or show their activity card. Dance begins at 1:15 and we will finish off the Spring Fling week with our Dance with DJ MacRae.  The pizza and pop for the fundraiser will be delivered during the dance.  Take your money to the dance for the snowcones on sale for a dollar and the concession stand will be open.  We want to thank everyone for making this a fun week.

    There will be no school March 26th through 30th for Spring Break. Come back rested and ready for state testing to begin on April 2nd!

    Be the reason someone smiles today!  Choose to be kind and considerate towards others!


    "Just Reach One!" with Dennard Mitchell sent a powerful message to everyone.  We need to commit ourselves to REACH, the R standing for showing responsibility and respect, to yourself and to others, the E for being Empowered, knowing that we need to speak positively to ourselves, A is for acts of kindness every day you can give compliments or just say hello, C is for Compassion take his challenge and make someone feel good, H stands for Healthy and Happy Lifestyle staying away from drugs, alcohol by making positive choices.  Follow the ABC's of life with action, belief, and commitment. Our hope is to carry through on this challenge by not bullying others, by being a positive person who always makes sure you try to be a better person today than you were yesterday!  Let's have discussions in advisory on how we can carry this forward in our school.

    We would like to remind students and parents we now have After School Achievers every Tuesday and Thursday 3:15 until 5:00. Computers are available for your use for classwork. Tuesdays with Mrs. Dietz in room 17 and Thursdays ASA is with Mrs. Bruns in room 203.  If you have a failing grade you should be in these extra help sessions.

    The 2017-2018 West Minico Student Council Officers for Student Body are- Mac Haugeberg, President; Co-Vice Presidents Luke Huff and Bryan Patterson; Secretary-Treasurer Lydia Casey; and Fundraiser Chairman, Cree Milliron.  For 8th Grade Officers your President is Talin Stimpson; Vice President-McKenzie Allen and Secretary-Treasurer, Rhayman Frieburger.  For your 7th Grade Officers President, Haylee Stroud; Vice President, Joanna Paz, Secretary-Treasurer, Zachary Miller; Ambassadors Bethanne Howard and Angelica Carhaus and Fundraiser Chairman, Jackie Arteaga.

    We would like to recognize our "Students of the Week" as being role models for other students by being respectful, responsible, being concerned about academics, and compassionate towards others.  Also, recognition includes those who have made significant growth and who have shown perseverance in trying to become more successful.   We truly believe "The Best Kids in the World Walk Through These Doors!"  

    Students chosen by their teachers for the week of March 9th include Zane Serr, Juan Ochoa Diaz, Hugo Esqueda, Titus Tundag, Ana Chavarria, and Karson Stephens. 

    Students nominated for week of March 2nd by their teachers are Gabe Torres, Easton Arthur, and Frankie Graham.

    Students nominated for the week of February 23rd include Nhelly Garcia, Lydia Vail, Taya Searle, Adrian Reyes-Juarez, Zoie Maughn, Lucia Tellez, Haleigh Hartley and Zane Serr.

    Students nominated for the week of February 16th include Jose Martinez, Carmen Centeno, Gilbert Rodriguez, Aisha Ramirez, Karely Magana, Robert Black, Maria Diaz and McKenzie Allen.

    Students for the week of February 9th include Ashley Knopp, Omar Larios, Madyson Brown, Juan Ochoa Diaz, Krushell Schultz, Brawlee Drage, Cynthia Orozco, and Kyndra Short.

    Students chosen for the week of February 2nd include Nick Gibson, Terrel Sanchez, Gavin Mandis, Nicholas Canelo, Dravin Ringle, and Israel Ixta. 

    Students chosen by their teachers for the week of January 26th include Hailey Jones, Julian Alvarado, Tegan Garrett, Emily Camarillo, Isamar Castro, Brawlee Drage, McKenna Harper, and Roselyn Torres.

    Students chosen for the week of January 19th include Cynthia Orozco, Lya Rodrigues, Abrianna Dickey, Frankie Graham, Julian Alvarado, Teely Bott, Gage Praegitzer, Camry Pratt, Alonzo Juarez, and Hernan Dominguez.

    Students chosen for week of January 12th included Jim Luna, Angel Gil, Olivia Edgar, Malachi Marlow, Tiesen Rose, and Amariah Rodriguez

    Students chosen by their teacher for the week of Jan 5th include Amiyah Valero, Zane Serr, Kaelen Winnett, Shari Tanner, Kade Marston and Thayne Stringham.  

    Students chosen week of December 15th include Grace Carlson, Tiesen Rose, McKenzie Allan, Jaci Hayes, Troy Fukuji, Madison Smith, Beyonce Tellez, Garrett Vail, Traver Miller, Daniel Parraz, and Joseph Johnson. 

    Students chosen through Dec 11th include Edgar Alecio, Dax Sayer, Tera Norris, Kysoin Anderson Osterhout, Jarrett Hayes, Kysa Shippen, Emily Camarillo, Julian Alverado, Rev Nelson, and Dylan McKenzie.

    Students chosen week through Dec 1st include Dakoda Merrill, Elaina Heath, Cameron Steel, Hennessy Skaggs, Brightyn Hartley, Dax Sayer, Taya Serle, Marley McFallo, Kylie Dansie, Angel Navarrete and Jesus Calderon. 

    Students chosen through Dec 1st include Michael Watson, Andre Valero, Cynthia Orozco, Malachi Marlow, and Kayley Knopp.

    Students of the week of November 10th are Malichi Marlow, Diana Hernandez, Braylond Hall, Brawlee Drage, Clarabelle Evans, Milton Hernandez, Ilyana Salinas, Tanner Lewis, Jentree Bott, and Jetta Bott.

    Students for the week of November 3rd are Ellana Guercio, Joanna Wilson, Chris Torres, Gabe Hadden, Hailey Jones, Brenda Rassmussen, Jaxon Harmon, Kate Neibaur, and Ezequiel Mendoza. 

     Students for the week of October 26th include Natalie Suhr, Haylee Stroud, Johny Chavez, Tegan Garrett, Eastin Arthur, Eduardo Ruiz, Israel Ixta, Lizzy Beleche, Jennifer Garcia, Moroni Lloyd, and Adrian Reyes.

    Students of the week for week of October 20 include Sage May, Tifanee Harper, Alaynie Wilcox, Brawlee Drage, Terrel Sanchez, Esiquiel Hurtado, Brightyn Hartley, Riggin Dunn, Katie Carillo, Kaya Jesse, and Marissa Stocking.  Teachers please place your nominations for this week today.

     Student for week of October 13th include Carson Suchan, Jaci Hayes, Lexie Hurst, Hailey Hull, Jessica Leon, Stetson Allen, Elaina Heath, Macy Manning, and  Josh Edwards.

    Students chosen for Week of October 6th are Jaci Hayes, Hailey Hull, Stetson Allen, Macy Manning, Lexie Hurst and Phoenix Edwards.

    Students chosen the week of Sept 29th include McKalin Burns, Olivia Edgar, Angelica Carhaus, Katelynn Phillips, Lexington Wickel, Justin Lopez, Josiah Gomez, Natalie Anderson, Terrel Sanchez, and Isamar Castro.

    Students chosen for the week of Sept 22nd are Andrea Ramirez, Reese Evans, Mariah Lofgran, Dallis Shockey, Amiyah Valero, Stephany Arzaga, Ronan Smith, and Hailey Catmull.

    Students chosen for the week of September 8th include Christian Wright, Malia Manning, Kemper Smith, Hailey Higley, Jaxon Harman, Cooper Edwards, Santiago Gonzalez and Jill Graham.

    Students chosen for the week of Sept 15th include Jackie Arteaga, Taylor Wilkins, Kaelin Winnett, Lyla Rodriguez, Kylie Dansie, Carmen Centeno Vega, Jesus Nunez, Anna Jones, and Eleazar Gomez.  

    During September our character trait is responsibility.  Students must learn to be responsible for their own actions and realize their actions are critical to maintaining and improving themselves, friendships, family, school, community and beyond.  If we do good deeds, then we can be proud of our accomplishments.  If our actions cause problems, then we need to find a way to solve problems or deal with the consequences.  

    We would like to remind our parents that we offer after-school tutoring for all students needing to improve their grades every Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:15 until 5:00 PM.  Parents may request this extra help for their child. Computer use is available during this time.  

    All activities and school announcements are on the West Minico School website at all times and are updated daily, so check it out if you ever have any questions about school activities.  School closure information will also be updated as soon as received on our school website.
     Our school custodians work very hard to make our school look nice.  We would appreciate everyone picking up after themselves in the commons area and hallways.  Please take pride and do your part to make sure our school is the best. 
      We want all of our students to get caught reading and encourage students to have their reading book in every class so that if they finish their work they will be able to read.  
    We would like to remind everyone that Minidoka County School District has an attendance policy.  It is very important to be in class each day to be successful. 
    Our student council has a special request to all students returning to West Minico this year; If you see someone who is struggling to make friends or being bullied because he or she doesn't have many friends or is shy or not dressed in the coolest of clothes--Please step up!  Say hi or at least smile at them or talk to them in the hallways and commons area. You never know what that person might be facing outside of school.  Your kindness might just make a big difference in someone's life.  Maybe even your own.  
    There are two Saturday School sessions each month starting promptly at 7:00 until 11:00 AM here at West Minico. Students must have a parental permission form signed to attend.  Forms were sent home with all students through advisory and additional forms are in the office.  If you have failing grades and need to turn in late work this is an opportunity to help your grade.  Students must bring sufficient materials to work on during the four hour period.  You must have everything with you as the lockers and teachers will not be available to gather materials.  You must be responsible and doors will close at 7:10 AM.  Take advantage of this opportunity if you have failing grades or want to improve your grade.  This is not punishment, but a chance to help improve your grade. Computers are also available for student use during this time. February 10th and 24th to finish the second trimester.
    We encourage our parents to use Powerschool regularly to check on their child's grades and assignments. If you need help please contact Mrs. Sayer our counselor.

    Our school character trait for September is responsibility.  

    Our school character trait for the month of October is respect.  We can show respect to our friends by being helpful, taking turns and using kind words.  We can respect our parents by listening to them and being honest.  We can show respect to our teachers by listening and following directions, being prepared in class and by using words like please and thank you.  We can show respect to our school by picking up trash even when it is not yours and cleaning up our messes.  You can show respect to yourself by being on time, being prepared, and by always doing your best. Remember we need to commit ourselves to "REACH" to become our very best.


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